Boys varsity swim and dive proves its spot in the pool in the second meet of the season


When the topic of brotherhood and team bonding gets brought up, the boys swim and dive team comes up a lot. Diving right into the season, the boys won against multiple opponents at East Kentwood, including Wayland, Grand Rapids Union, and East Kentwood. 

Last Tuesday, the boys faced off against multiple opponents and made a big splash, dominating the competition. 

Freshman Zachary Ruffer is exceptionally proud of what the boys have accomplished this early in the season.

“I think that if we play our best and do what we did on Tuesday, we will really do well in this meet,” Zachary said.

As a new member of the team, Zachary does not know the team as well but is eager to learn the ways of the team and get closer to the boys. 

“I would say strengths that we had going to the meet were the ability to know what to expect and how to accomplish the challenge in front of us,” Zach said. “I don’t quite know what the team could work on since I haven’t got to know them well enough”.

Zachary’s junior counterpart, Gavin Cai, is beyond excited to swim this season. Due to the fact that COVID took away the normality of his swim season for the past two years, he is more than excited for an entire season ahead. 

“It’s exciting that we can finally have a full season; our state meet got canceled freshmen year, and last year was a super cut-down version of the season, so it’ll be cool to have a full season and hopefully an actual state meet,” Gavin said. 

FHC’s next meet is at Jenison High School on Thursday, December 9, against none other than the Jenison Wildcats. The team can not wait to show all that they have learned and practiced.

Proud of his team, head coach Dennis Neat has a lot to say about the boys’ improvement so far this season. 

“I’m excited for the team this year, as we are back to running a regular full-season schedule of training and meets,” coach Neat said. “Our goal is to be as competitive as possible at every meet.”