Brady Miller: the young up-and-coming basketball star


Typically, when a high school basketball player with a ton of potential is brought up in a conversation, the name “Brady Miller” usually comes up; the sophomore’s ability to shoot the ball and fake out any player is rare.  

Brady has been involved in basketball for a very long time. Ever since he was a little kid, he loved having a basketball in his hands. Basketball has always brought him joy, whether it was shooting it through a basket or just dribbling it. Another big part of the sport for Brady isn’t the physical side; it’s the mental aspect.

“There’s a mental aspect to the game that I love,” Brady said, “along with the togetherness of the team.”


Outside of school basketball, Brady plays ball at MBA. He has been in that organization for a long time now. Brady and his team have made great memories together, whether it was winning tournaments or just simple funny moments during practices. However, last year was Brady’s favorite year so far. 

Brady was pulled up to the JV team during his freshman year. He rapidly adapted to the high-speed practices, and the coaches quickly saw the talent he had in him. As the start of the season arrived, he became more comfortable with the team and more comfortable with the offensive and defensive plays. 

“I appreciate the upperclassmen for making me feel comfortable and taking me under their wings,” Brady said.

At the start of the season, Brady’s crispy shot, ability to get open around the arc, and cuts to the basket were displayed. 

“He is a great shooter, which teams had to worry about,” junior Levi McKenzie said. “I love how under-controlled he plays. He doesn’t try to do too much, and he plays within himself.”

The love Brady presented for the game of basketball could be seen by every single one of his teammates, and his hard work showed the program why he deserved to be playing at a higher level. As the season progressed, he got better and better and more familiar with the new team. However, with success always come road bumps. Towards the end of the season, Brady broke his hand, which sidelined him for the rest of the season. However,  Brady took it the best way possible. In the end, his injury fueled him up to work even harder for the next season.


“I am even more excited for this upcoming season and what the team can accomplish,” Brady said.

This year will be his sophomore year. Brady has been getting ready for this upcoming season in many different ways. He has gone to open gyms, workouts, scrimmages, and he’s been putting in his own work outside of school to add to his craft. With all of this hard work, he has his eye on one target.

“My top goal right now would be to contribute to the varsity team in any and all ways possible,” Brady said.