Tyler Hudkins: the three-sport athlete


There are not many athletes that play three sports in high school, yet, Tyler Hudkins is one of them. On the football field, he plays on the varsity team. When he’s on the basketball court and baseball diamond, he has proven his worth to the respective varsity programs for the foreseeable future.

Tyler is a sophomore and has proven that he is one of the best athletes currently at FHC; he will take up any challenge in any sport. Tyler has always loved sports, one of the biggest reasons is because of his dad.

“My dad has made a huge influence on me playing sports,” said Tyler. “With him being a former collegiate athlete and a coach has made a huge impact. He has taught me everything I know about sports and how to have the right mentality.”

On the football field, Tyler was not able to play during his freshman year due to a broken collarbone. However, for his sophomore year, he was pulled up and played on the varsity squad. 

“It was a big jump from 8th grade to varsity, but it was a great year and there are bigger things to come with Ranger Football,” said Tyler.

He had an amazing season playing the safety position. He recorded 48 tackles, 25 of which were solo tackles and 4 pass breakups on the defensive side. Offensively, he did not carry the ball often, but when he did, he made a big impact. With only 7 carries he had 160 yards and 2 touchdowns. Tyler has also enjoyed the brotherhood of the team and making friendships with players and coaches.

On the basketball court, Tyler made a huge impact on the freshman team. His aggressiveness makes him a really tough defender to get by without getting the ball stolen. Offensively, his quickness allows him to drive past many players and dust players on fast breaks. Tyler has loved the Rangerball program with the help of two particular coaches.

“Coach Carhart and Ike have really changed my perspective on basketball. The amount of toughness and aggressiveness that they brought to the table while coaching is off the charts. That is why I love basketball,” said Tyler.

This year, with football being in the way of the basketball preseason, Tyler was not able to play much basketball. He had to quickly transition so he put in a lot of work; he finally feels ready to go for his second year for the JV team.

Football is not the only sport that he has been pulled up in. Last year, Tyler played on the JV baseball team as a freshman; he was a big help to the team’s success. Tyler loves the mental aspect of the game of baseball.

“The mental toughness you have to have with baseball is what I love,” Tyler said. “It is you versus the pitcher–whoever wins, wins.”