Senior Allie Mairn is Spartan ready as she looks to continue her soccer career at MSU


There was under ten seconds on the clock. The Hawks were pushing forward; they could not find the net. The Blues got the ball and pushed forward. They gained more ground, swiftly moving the ball. Finally, a shot that would sneak past the keeper was fired: a snipe into the back of the goal. This would not be a game-winner for Allie Mairn or the game that defined her career, but it would be the game that pushed her forward.

No real athlete likes to lose; it’s just not in their makeup or blood. They are born and bred to compete at their highest level, and if they fail or falter, they must get back up and move forward. Allie’s squad may not have won that game, but she wasn’t going to stop grinding away till she was back to the top.

This could also be thanks to having an older brother, someone who would be more of a pest in her early days and someone who she would have to chase down if he ever played a good prank on her. Eventually, even Max had to learn what kind of speed Allie had in store.

I started playing soccer because my brother did, and I wanted to be just like him. My dad was my first coach. He played in high school, so he also helped me get into it,” Allie said, “My brother was my role model growing up. I started as a goalie because my brother was one. He helped my love for the game grow because it was something we shared. He made me a lot stronger mentally because he would always be brutally honest about how I played and what I need to do better.”

When Allie first started playing soccer, she did what most of those who grow up in Grand Rapids do: beginning her soccer career and starting with GR Crew until its transition to Midwest United. This is where she got to play with several FHC soccer stars such as Addi Tack, Mattie Sexton, Lauren Koczenasz, Zoe Lipke, and many other familiar faces.

Though this experience was when she was younger and still learning most of the game, United and Crew helped develop Allie’s first set of skills when coming into the game of soccer.

Midwest United and Crew gave me all of my base skills. They gave me my best friends that I still am close with today. That was the hardest thing about leaving, the friendships. They also helped me realize how much soccer means to me,” Mairn spoke.

Years and years of hard work kept pushing Mairn forward in her career. She excelled early, and many other organizations and clubs took notice of her talent and wanted to make her into a star. This is where a team from Detroit, Michigan came to recruit Allie away from United. Hawks FC managed to talk a big game and convince Allie to drive multiple times every week down to Liviona to practice and play soccer.

I decided to join the hawks in 7th grade because I’m a very competitive person, and I wanted more out of the game,” Allie said. “There was much more exposure for college, and the environment was more competitive. They had more resources to get me to the next level.”

The experience of the Hawks brought her to more of an international side of soccer, as she traveled to foreign countries and began playing a lot more Futsal, a type of indoor soccer. She traveled domestically to many states (including her favorite spot of San Diego, California) and to European and South American countries.

In Futsal, she won the world championship in the country of Columbia, which was a very monumental win in her memory. Allie’s international travels have left quite an impact on her career and life.

I was lucky enough to get scouted by team USA and have the chance to travel to places like Colombia, Costa Rica, and Spain to play. My favorite trip was to Colombia where we won the tournament. It was an insane feeling to be able to represent my country and bring home a trophy. We had a crazy final against Australia when we were in Spain and were able to pull off a win. I was lucky in earning the MVP of the tournament for the most goals scored,” Marin said. 

The travel inside the state was the hardest part for Allie when committing to the Hawks.

Getting used to the 4 hours round trip to soccer was not easy. I gave up a big part of my social life because I was always busy and traveled almost every weekend,” Allie said. “I do my homework in the car and get used to getting home late. I’m very lucky to have parents who sacrifice with me.”

The travel eventually paid off and when Allie got into the grove of the things, her career quickly took off. Once high school came around, that’s when the college talks did too. Many of her other teammates had already been in talks with college programs, so it was likely for Allie to be recruited quickly as well. Schools like Miami University (Florida), West Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Northwestern, and Michigan State all made shots early but only one school had the jump from the start: Michigan State University.

“Both of my parents went there; it’s where they met. I went to my first football game when I was five and have continued going back since then. My favorite memories would definitely be tailgating before football games in the parking lot with my family and friends. Also watching soccer games under the lights,” Allie claimed. 

This school is in-state and has always been a big part of her life. Now, Allie gets the chance to become an actual Spartan athlete. Allie chose to continue her playing career at Michigan State University.

I chose MSU because I grew up going there. My parents both went there and my brother currently goes there, so there are close family ties,” Allie stated. “It’s close enough to home that I can go home but far enough where I’m getting new experiences. The program is heading in a new direction with the new coaching staff that will improve us to what we all know we can be.”

Allie has always been a decorated soccer player and has been around many winning teams. She has been a part of many championship teams and has gone to many big championship games, such as an appearance in the club national finals. Unfortunately, the Hawks fell short by one shot, but that goal did not stop Allie from reaching hers. She has reached the Divison One level, and in one year she will be bringing her talents to a college campus.

There have been so many amazing coaches that have helped me get to where I am; it’s so hard to pick the best. If I were to think about it, it wouldn’t be the coach that has helped me the most on the field but off the field. Coach Leo, George, Fabian, and the whole Hawks coaching staff put more effort into me than any other coach. They cared a lot more about how I was off the field. They made sure I didn’t just grow as a soccer player,” Mairn said.

Allie is going through the normal emotions of being a kid but without the stress of knowing where she will be attending college. She currently is partaking in many of the homecoming activities, such as powderpuff, that will be displayed during the great week. You can also see Allie with all of her many friends at most FHC sporting events, including, being a part of the amazing Friday night football student section.