Freshman football’s momentum ends with 8-2 loss to Northview

Teague Greer

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Freshman footballs momentum ends with 8-2 loss to Northview

The freshmen football team set its offense up on the one-yard line and had what seemed like an easy touchdown. Ty Ryan received the handoff from Brady Osterhouse on a designed jet sweep. Ty made it to the line of scrimmage but couldn’t punch it in.

Last Thursday, the freshman football team traveled to Northview to try and come away with a two-game win streak. Coming off some huge momentum in the upset victory against Grand Blanc, Northview seemed like a drop-off in competition compared to the juggernaut of last week.

A big bright spot of this week’s game was the defense, holding Northview to only eight points. Late in the game, the Ranger defense scored the only points for the Rangers off a blocked punt. Unlike last week, the blocked punt led to a safety, not a touchdown. As it stands right now this season, the defense is currently outsourcing the offense. They will most likely continue to be the most pivotal part of the team for the entire season.

It was a different story on the offensive side of the ball. Offensive miscommunication and poor blocking led to a disappointing effort in the red zone. The running game continues to be the first and main choice, with an occasional pass making it out of the pocket. Multiple red zone attempts were made, two of which made it to the one-yard line. A jet sweep by Offensive Player of the Week Ty Ryan was the closest the Rangers made it to a touchdown.

FHC’s fumble off of the snap was recovered by its offense, but the loss of yardage put them out of scoring range. Another attempt on the one saw a fumble on a handoff to Micah Meadow, and once again, the Rangers couldn’t finish the job. Finally, an interception near the ten-yard line cost them another drive.

”At the end of the day, it comes down to the offense; I take the blame for my team as coordinator,” head coach Anthony Sultini said.

Next Thursday, FHC is scheduled to take on Lowell at home. After a lackluster offensive performance against Northview, the Rangers will be craving another chance to show that they can make their offense work.