FHC varsity dance team has a solid performance at its sole competition for the year


On March 6, the FHC girls varsity dance team competed in its only competition this year. Covid-19 has shortened the girls’ season, but in a normal year, they would have had three competitions on top of Nationals in Florida. With only one competition to compete in this year, it was structured in an odd way.

“I was able to hit all of my moves and blend well with the team and I think I did pretty well,” sophomore Ali Grendel said. “I definitely think that a longer season would have been beneficial, though. We lost a lot of practice time and team bonding experiences, which was really a shame.”

Usually, high school dance competitions consist of each team competing face-to-face against each opponent in various styles of dance. However, this year prompted a somewhat foreign competition structure in which one team went in the building and danced, while the next team went in and showed off their choreography. Also commonly referred to as a “hybrid competition”, the Rangers had to go through pom and hip hop routines. In these competitions, the girls came in third for both.

As for the senior class, the dance team loses four valuable seniors in Molly Vonk, Julia Kirkman, Madison Rodgers, and Grace Pennington. With the loss of these elite dancers, the underclassmen will need to step it up a notch next year. Ali is a part of the underclassmen group who will be a vital part of the team’s performances next year.

“We are losing 4 really talented seniors, so it will definitely be a big loss,” Ali explained. “They have brought a lot to the team with their productive energy and kindness, but every season comes with changes.”

With two solid performances for both choreographies, the girls wish that they could have come in first and competed more often. The shortened season heavily affected them, but the younger girls are ready for next year and the new challenges it will bring. There were no nationals because it required them to fly out to Florida, so one of the more exciting parts of the season was cut short. Considering all of the obstacles they have faced this year, the girls continue to hang onto the notion that they competed as well as they could have hoped for this season.