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Q and A with varsity diver, senior Jia Niemeyer


Name: Jia Niemeyer

Sport: Varsity swim and dive

Class: Senior

How long have you been diving?

I have been diving for four years. I started freshman year.

What other sports do you play at FHC?

 “I do diving in the fall and gymnastics in the winter. It’s very nice because these two sports have many similarities so transitioning between the two is pretty  smooth.”

What is your best memory from your time on the team?

“My favorite memory on the dive team is when my dive coach, Joe Mish, brought Chick-fil-A for the divers. He typically does this after there were a lot of new dives for the team.”

What music do you typically listen to before meets?

“I usually don’t listen to music before meets.

Who is the biggest influence in your athletic career? 

Probably my dive coach. Last year was his first year coaching high school and he absolutely excelled. It can be daunting to join a team of high school girls who aren’t that much younger than he is. He did not have an extremely strong diving background and was balancing medical school while coaching us. Yet, he has put in a significant amount of time to coach the team. Since he has joined, I have increased my PR by nearly 50 points and will be going to regionals.”

Who’s your favorite professional athlete?

“While I like a lot of professional athletes, I currently do not have a favorite. ”

What are your individual goals for the season?

“I want to complete my 205A (front two-and-a-half tuck dive). ”

What is your favorite class this year and why?

“My favorite class this year would probably be Orchestra. It has a great atmosphere when you walk into the doors.

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