FHC boys bowling takes home its first victory on the season, beating Lowell 17-14


Following the coattails of the phrase “better late than never,” head coach Terry Metzner and the FHC boys bowling team pulled off a nail-biter to win their first game of the season, defeating Lowell 17-14. 

“This win has been long overdue, so I’m just glad the boys were able to clinch it,” coach Metzner said. “I am so proud of them.”

Tracking back to their baker game performance in their first match versus Lowell on February 15th, the boys came out of the gates sluggish, and they dug themselves a hole early into the contest by losing both baker games. Early into the match, it seemed like February 15th all over again. This time, however, the boys didn’t let their baker game slip-ups prey on their minds, and they switched gears to focus on the “next play.” Once the strikesmen of FHC regrouped after their baker game losses, they flipped a switch some didn’t know they had, as they rallied to win seven—out of ten—individual bouts. 

Headlining their individual game mayhem, senior Joshua Allen stepped up to the plate and delivered home a senior-esque performance with a score of 196 in the second round. Joshua’s 196 didn’t have the traction to complete the whole job and close up shop, so bowlers like senior David Whittaker and sophomore Peyton Price had to also pitch in for the win; David scored a 189 in round one, while Peyton scored a 190 in round two. Combined to form a dynamic trio, Joshua, David, and Peyton all contributed to an impressive come-behind victory against one of the more prolific bowling programs in West Michigan over the past few years.

“As a senior, it felt great to win one of my final bowling matches in my high school career,” Joshua explained, “and I guess it was perfect timing for me to bowl one of my better games this year.”

Unfortunately for the FHC girls bowling squad, they weren’t able to join in on the fun, as they lost a tough battle to Lowell 30-0. Freshman Mary Kate Dean scored a 114 at the end of round two of individuals, but other than that, there weren’t many other positives to draw back on. At this point in the 14-game season, the all-freshman girls team is priding itself on development for next year. If they keep on gaining vital varsity experience, which is usually not an available luxury to freshmen, then next year should be a totally different story for them.

Having just played the last Wednesday game of the season, the Rangers close out their season on Monday, March 10th against the Greenville Yellow Jackets. Coach Terry Metzner believes the boys and girls have one more win left in the tank.

“This last game against Greenville should be an exciting one to close out the season,” coach Metzner spoke. “It would be a great way to close out the season.”