Girls JV tennis comes away with three impressive wins over West Ottawa, Grandville, and Northview


As seen from previous seasons, the girls JV tennis team has racked up quite an accolade of accomplishments and a stellar reputation. Success has characterized their recent years, and that trend has followed them into the 2023 season. The girls’ first three matches of the season, against West Ottawa, Grandville, and Northview have resulted in a plethora of wins, and now the girls’ overall record is a solid 3-0.

Their first head to head of the season, on April 13, against West Ottawa was nothing less than a superb performance. As the girls hadn’t been in a competition setting since last season, there may have been fears for their results–but evidently, there was nothing to worry about.

This year’s doubles lineup consists of twelve flights, a substantial amount compared to the boys’ JV lineup of six doubles flights.   That made for a great deal of matches, but the girls triumphed over West Ottawa with an impressive score of 11-1. Clearly, overall performances were nothing less of perfect that day, and this win over West Ottawa acted as a motivation and momentum boost for the girls’ following matches.

Just one day later, on April 14, the girls awaited a matchup against Grandville. Following their win the previous day, enthusiasm and momentum reigned high–which enabled them to take their second win of the season over the Bulldogs with a score of 11-1. As Grandville’s tennis showings have been impressive in the past years, this win was one that garnered the team confidence and pride.

With just two matches out of the twenty-four matches played so far losing, this well-earned stat followed it into its success against the Northview Wildcats on April 24. Following a ten day break, practices after school every day allowed the girls to bolster their skills and strategies, and that hard work was reflected greatly against Northview. As usual, all doubles flights performed spectacularly, resulting in the score being a clean sweep 11-0.

“So far the season has been great. We are 3-0 right now,” coach Allison notes. “We have some tough competition coming up but the girls are improving everyday, and I expect some good matches in the next couple weeks!”

The immeasurable success seen by the team has brought pride and attention to FHC tennis, and that trend does not look to slow anytime soon. The girls’ next matchup is Wednesday, April 26, away at Lowell, where wins are sure to follow them there.