Girls’ JV tennis matches against Lowell, Zeeland West, and GRC result in positives and negatives

Following three splendid wins over West Ottawa, Grandville, and Northview to begin the season, the girls JV tennis team has proven themselves to continue a positive streak, for the most part, against their next contenders: Lowell, Zeeland West, and GRC.

With three straight wins in a row, the girls approached their matchup against the Lowell Red Arrows on Wednesday, April 26, with momentum and positivity. Their previous winning records from seasons before, and from the early part of the 2023 season were something they aimed to continue–and that they did. The girls successfully triumphed over Lowell 10-2, leaving nothing in their wake.

The triumph over Lowell created an atmosphere of continued success around the team, which aided in their success in their next match. The very next day, the girls were up against Zeeland West–and to no surprise, the team reigned victorious once again. The night ended with an impressive score of 10-2, with only two flights losing their matches out of the many that competed.

With these added two victories, this meant the girls’ record was now 5-0, a solid flurry of wins to begin the season. However, their win streak was eventually tarnished by Grand Rapids Christian. Grand Rapids Christian is known to have accoladed tennis teams, both for varsity and JV; this loss certainly did not harm the girls’ reputation. The team ended up losing all their flights, making for a 11-0 loss, even though all flights had long and difficult battles.

After a flurry of matches, the girls have only come away with one loss–showing their potential and skillset to be high. The girls’ JV tennis schedule is consistently dotted with matches, making for chances for redemption and success to be easy garnered.

“I think when we played GRC we had an off day. The girls were motivated to never let a loss like that happen again, and it didn’t! The rest of their matches were hard fought battles,” comments coach Allison.

The girls’ next match is one lined up for success; Greenville awaits them on Thursday, May 3, where the team hopes to make their record 6-1.