Girls JV tennis wraps up their season with a flurry of victories


As of late, the girls JV tennis team has characterized success and hard work. Their wins this season have made them one of the best girls JV tennis programs around, a trend that has only continued with their progression of matches. Last week’s matches, against FHN, Greenville, and EGR, were ones the girls emerged from without any losses yet again—but unfortunately, the same could not be said for this week’s matches, against Byron Center, Rockford, Hudsonville, and South Christian.

This run of matchups are the last for the team, as JV tennis teams do not participate in any postseason tournaments, such as conferences or regionals. That places heightened importance on these showings, as they were the girls’ last chances to compete this season. Just a day after their tie against Forest Hills Northern, the girls faced off against another local foe, Byron Center, at home.

As Byron Center’s tennis lineup is also impressive, the girls were pushed to perform their best to execute a win—and that they did. A win was not guaranteed for every flight, so losses across the board were slightly more common. Nevertheless, the team performed well enough to garner another victory 7-4 over the Bulldogs, as they did in the 2021 season. A win like this, especially over a local competitor, established even more momentum and prowess for the girls going forth.

Tennis players know their high school athletic schedules are constant and time-consuming, thus reflected in the girls’ JV schedule this year. Again, just a day after their victory over Byron Center, the team made to travel to Rockford for another local matchup. Although all flights came away with close scores, the Rangers ended up falling 9-2 as the night came to a close. This loss marked it their second of the season, certainly impressive regardless. Even with this loss, the girls made to rebound incredibly at their next matchup: Hudsonville, on May 15.

At their second to last match of the season, the girls were put up against the Eagles. As the loss to Rockford still hung bitterly around the team, it was adamant on performing well that day. The team ended up coming out on top of the Eagles 10-2, which was certainly a convincing win, and one that stretched its record to 9-1-2. This near-sweep was a stellar way to close its matchup against the Eagles, which also acted as a perfect precursor to the girls’ final match against South Christian.

For the Rangers’ last matchup, the girls hosted South Christian on May 16. The ending of a season is always bittersweet, and the girls could not have finished it any better: they triumphed over their opponents 11-2. With nearly every flight winning, this last victory was certainly a cause for celebration, as the Rangers wrapped up their season with an impressive 10-1-2 record.

The ladies have concluded their season with numbers that glow of success, aided greatly by their coach Allison Gallagher. Their substantial skills, potential, and victories have been ones well-deserved, and this season has only continued the stellar legacy girls JV tennis here has attained. This continuation of success can certainly be expected for the 2024 season.