Girls JV tennis ends their illustrious season with a 10-1-2 record


The ending of a stellar season, one where memories, laughs, and prized wins are left to become part of the past, is always bittersweet. Whether it be JV or varsity, this ending is equally sad every time–as team connections and experiences are things that cannot be replicated in the off-season. The success that shone from the girls JV tennis team this season was extraordinary, reflected in their record, but also in the warm team atmosphere evident in their practices and tournaments.

Over the course of the 2023 spring season, their efforts were translated into wins, much more so than losses. These victories, often over rivals such as Byron Center, Lowell, and East Grand Rapids have come from sheer talent and a skilled lineup. With only two losses resulting from the season, it is clear they stand as one of the most prominent girls JV tennis teams in the region.  Practices and conditioning aided them in this, and these victories began on April 13, against West Ottawa.

To start out their season, the girls evidently were supplied with confidence and sound performance, as they triumphed over the Panthers 11-1. Then, the very next day, the girls were set to play Grandville–a team with ample skill, but the girls’ skill shone through that night, as they also came away victorious 11-1. Similarly to these wins, the Rangers then took on Northview. A perfect continuation of these results, they swept Northview 11-0. This stellar beginning to a season acted as accurate foreshadowing to the rest of the girls’ season.

Next, the girls awaited a local foe: Lowell. On April 26, the team fought to take down the Red Arrows, and that they did; the score was 10-2 Rangers. Next, the Rangers awaited Zeeland West, and they met the same winning fate as their past four matches, with an identical score of 10-2.

Unfortunately, the girls’ good luck did not last for long following their fifth win. Upon meeting Grand Rapids Christian on May 3, the girls fell for the first time. As Grand Rapids Christian is known to have stable, skilled tennis teams, this loss was not as impactful as it may have seemed. Following their first loss, the girls surged back against Greenville, East Grand Rapids, and FHN to redeem themselves, and they did so successfully.

Then, as the end of May approached, teams such as Hudsonville and South Christian were up against the Rangers for competition. Nevertheless, the girls managed to come out on top, racking up a number of wins as the season came to a close. Their always-splendid performances made this season one to always be remembered, as past seasons were. The girls’ accomplishments are one that have made FHC proud, and have showcased an enormous amount of work, skill, and talent.

Coach Allison Gallagher remained a positive and uplifting force for the team, dedicating hours upon hours that proved to pay off in the team’s results. Her evident passion helped encourage her athletes, and lead them to an amazing record as the season came to a close.

The 2023 girls JV tennis season will now be a memory, but tangible wins and a shining reputation will undoubtedly follow the girls into next year’s season.