The girls varsity softball team faced off against Calvin Christian in their first game of the season


A larger team can be difficult for different sports teams, but for the FHC softball team, the girls have a wide arrange of players which makes an even larger arrangement of skills and talents. 

The girls’ first game was on Monday, March 27 and the different arrangement of skills really came into play against Calvin Christian. The girls put up a tough fight but unfortunately fell short 10-0. 

It is freshman Priya Mahabir’s first year on the varsity team and she is learning heaps of new skills to improve her playing during the games. 

“Being a freshman and having upperclassmen and older people helping me learn what I am doing and how I should be doing it to help the team out as much as I can is really nice. The first game went really well and I am excited to see where this season is going to go and see how much more progress I can make,” Priya said. 

Throughout the game, only a few players made it on base but there were a plethora of really strong hits along with strong plays throughout the field. Senior Maya Holser played second base during the game, she had some very strong catches along with a few strong hits. Though the game did not go as planned, the girls showed off the skills they have been working on. 

The girls play again, Tuesday, March 28, against Caledonia at 4:00 P.M. at Caledonia’s field. The girls continue to improve their skills at each game and each practice, trying and make it out to their game to allow the girls to show those skills off.