Boys varsity basketball executes a stunning comeback to triumph over Lowell


On Tuesday, February 22, the boys varsity basketball team faced off against the Lowell Red Arrows in their second matchup of the season. Fans, parents, and students attended in excitement expecting a swift victory for the Rangers similar to their first matchup against Lowell in January. To their surprise, however, the Rangers suffered through a slow start and a more than disappointing first quarter that fortunately stayed indifferent to the final outcome.

Right out of the gate, it was evident what team was playing up to their highest potential. Rangerball’s offense was severely lacking during this time, only scoring once the whole quarter-making for unconnectedness as a team. This lack of communication and performance on the Rangers’ side allowed their opponent to create easy buckets and effective offensive plays, allowing them to lead by ten points going into the second quarter.

With the start of the second quarter, supporters of the Ranger cause hoped for a turnaround-but unfortunately, their hopes were to no avail. The second quarter played out slightly better, with Lowell and the boys scoring the same amount of points, but the tragic first quarter continued to hinder the score for the Rangers. Lowell’s continuation of impactful offensive prevented Rangerball from gaining much momentum back. However, a cluster of layups from junior Ty Hudkins and senior Nate Delaney managed to not stretch the Red Arrows’ lead too far. Following the first half, the score was 22-12 Lowell.

But after halftime was when the Rangers took their performance to new heights. This quarter was nothing short of perfect for the boys and may mark as the most impressive comeback executed by them all season. From being down 12-22, the team embarked on a twenty-point scoring streak to capture a much-needed lead 32-22. Rangerball’s offense and defense improved drastically during this time. This stellar turnaround left both teams speechless, and the momentum the boys now held on their side only acted in their favor for the rest of the game.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the score was now 34-25 Rangers. Thankfully, a revamped defense was able to maintain the same success seen in the previous quarter, and the team was able to hold onto its lead. Lowell had a minimal response to the Rangers’ newfound drive, and as the final buzzer rang, the score was 49-37.

This impressive win marks the second over Lowell, a formidable opponent. The game also acts as an accurate representation of the successes seen by the boys as of late, and they hope to continue their winning streak against East Grand Rapids, on Friday, February 24, which will be on Pioneer territory starting at seven pm.