The Offseason: the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes


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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – NOVEMBER 03: Quarterback Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens scores a first quarter touchdown against the New England Patriots at M&T Bank Stadium on November 3, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

While the Kansas City Chiefs are celebrating their Super Bowl victory, there are other teams who are in an all-out brawl for Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson. Despite Lamar remaining on the roster, he is in a bitter war with Ravens management for a mega contract. The Ravens keep low-balling him while Lamar believes that he is worth way more than the Ravens think he is.

Therefore, many people believe that he will test the free agent market and find a team that will pay him his money. While at the same time, many believe that the Ravens can not afford to lose Lamar, and they will eventually cave to his demands.

So, what are the top landing spots for Lamar Jackson, and how successful would he be if he were to join any of the following teams?

#1 – Baltimore Ravens

Even though Lamar keeps getting low-balled by the Ravens, the team representatives know the player they are dealing with. But, more importantly, Lamar knows the team he is dealing with. It is quite possible that in the end, the Ravens will finally give him an offer that he cannot refuse.

Everyone knows what the Ravens are capable of doing with Lamar under center. He won the 2019 NFL Most Valuable Player Award, while the Ravens finished with a 14-2 record with the top seed in the AFC that same season. However, the season came to a crushing end at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

It is crucial that the Ravens re-sign Lamar, especially with how many victories the Ravens have had in which they won because of him. If he leaves, the Ravens organization is doomed.

#2 – Atlanta Falcons

If Lamar does in fact test the free agent market, one of the teams that will most likely give him an offer is the Atlanta Falcons. Despite the Falcons finishing in last place in the NFC South, the team can find a way out of its bad situation. The team has many good receivers such as Drake London and Kyle Pitts, and it seems that all Atlanta needs is a competent quarterback to get the Falcons past the hump.

Lamar on the Falcons would revolutionize this offense. Being a run heavy quarterback, Lamar would turn the Falcons’ run game into a dangerous one. Arthur Smith is also a coach who prioritizes a run heavy attack, and he would definitely use Lamar’s legs as weapons.

#3 – Las Vegas Raiders

After the Las Vegas Raiders finally pulled the plug on Derek Carr, the organization is looking for someone new on this offense. The Raiders also have many premium receivers, including debatably the best wide receiver in the league: Davante Adams.  With Lamar on the team, head coach Josh McDaniels has a quarterback that he can trust. I do believe that the Raiders have the tools for a great offense, and having Lamar would complete it, but I do not have any trust at all in Josh McDaniels holding the reigns to the team, and hopefully Lamar will agree with me if he does become a free agent.

Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented athletes in the NFL right now. Despite his many critics, Lamar did carry the Ravens in many games in previous seasons, and I do believe that he is justified in demanding more money from teams. No matter what he chooses, the team that gets him will have received an extremely talented player that will try his hardest to make lead his team to a victory every game.