The benefits of running inside versus outside


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Running is one of my favorite ways to exercise and pass the time. Although, while living in Michigan, running outside during the colder months is insufferable. Because I can not run outside during these times, I resort to running in the gym on the treadmill. While not ideal, I have grown to enjoy running indoors. When I am inside, it gives me the chance to watch a TV show or if I am walking, I can catch up on reading. This is why I prefer running underneath a roof instead of running underneath the sky.

Running is a great way for me to relieve stress, and it is also a good discipline. When I am running with a goal in mind, I know I can not stop until it has been achieved, and this helps me overcome things in everyday life as well. For all athletes, running is also a great way to improve the skills that go into playing a sport, such as stamina and speed.  Although running is a great tool to use to build athletic skills, it also has its competitive aspect from track to cross country. Some may say that as long as you are running, it does not matter where the activity is being conducted, but I do not agree.

When running outside, you can experience anything from rain to clear blue sky, and while this can be a nuisance, it can also be unpredictable in a good way. There is something about the weather turning without warning that brings a sense of impulsion to life. Many people also find peace in nature, and combining something so peaceful with exercise is a great way to start enjoying working out. My favorite time to run outside is in the spring season because the birds and flowers create a beautiful aspect to exercise, but running down the beach could never be beaten.  While running in Michigan is magical during the spring and autumn months, it can be miserable during the summer and winter. This is where indoor running comes out on top.

Running inside can actually be really enjoyable, whether on a track or a treadmill, especially if you engage in different online classes that bring you together in the running community. Another great aspect of running indoors is that it is the same all year round and can be enjoyed at any time including harsh Michigan winters. Most treadmill systems offered now have a variety of programs that make running more enjoyable. And, if you are still not sold on running indoors, the programs for treadmills have become so sophisticated that some models can include the visual of a track or a scenic outdoor landscape for you to enjoy as you increase your mileage.

Whether indoor or outdoor, running is a fantastic hobby to not only keep you in shape but also drive new ideas. I suggest trying out both before deciding what you prefer more. Although I have found joy in running indoors, outdoor running will always have a certain feel to it that draws me in. So, the next time you have some free time, get up and go for a run regardless of what surface is underneath you and what atmosphere is above you.