Athletes at the Met Gala

Athletes at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is the biggest fashion event of the year. Only the most A-list celebrities are invited, and they have to be personally invited by a designer. At this year’s 2023 Met Gala, there were many appearances from a variety of athletes. This event always brings great looks and some not-so-great looks, but they are all interpreted differently because the clothes are more like art than a wearable piece. The theme this year was “in honor of Karl,” paying homage to the beloved, creative director and designer, Karl Lagerfeld. This year, nine athletes walked the red carpet, so let’s get into what they wore.

Serena Williams not only showed up on the red carpet, but she also announced her second pregnancy that night. Serena was wearing a sparkling blue and pink blazer set made by Gucci. Serena played into the theme by wearing black and white, which was Karl’s signature during his time at Chanel. Serena looked fabulous and the pregnancy announcement was a surprise, but I feel like the theme could have been followed better, and the number of pearls threw me off. I give her look a five out of ten.

Russell Westbrook also made an appearance, to say the least. Typically, the best-dressed award goes to a woman at these events, but Russel changed that by winning the award in that category for the night. Russell was dressed by Bode, wearing a white tweed jacket and some patterned pants. This look took a spin on the classic Chanel suit by incorporating tweed and the well-known clasps. I give Russell’s look a ten out of ten.

Former Miami Heat basketball player D-Wade was seen on the red carpet next to his wife Gabrielle Union. They wore matching monochromatic outfits in red and black with leather pieces. This tied into previous styles by Lagerfeld with the use of monochrome. I do not know how the leather tied into them, but I think it fits their personal styles well. The monochrome was cool, but individually, it was a little boring. Having both of them together is what made the look, and I would give them a seven out of ten.

Most underwhelming vote at the gala this year goes to Roger Federer. Roger showed up in the most unbelievably boring black tuxedo. The pocket square was not done well, and the sunglasses did nothing for him inside. That is all I have to say about this look because there were no other elements even worth mentioning. I give this a one out of ten.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander showed up in true Chanel fashion dressed in a fully black and white ensemble of layered jackets and necklaces. This Thom Browne suit went well with the theme while putting a maximalist spin on it. While Roger might have not been able to pull off the sunglasses, Shai did it so well. I give this look an eight out of ten.

Brittney Griner looked nice. That is all. It was not art, and it was not anything that I would not see just out on the street. She wore a tan structured suit by Calvin Klein. It was fine, but I feel like it did not highlight the feminine style of Lagerfeld, and no other aspect really interested me. I give this look a three out of ten.

Patrick Mahomes attended his first Met Gala this year and played it safe. Patrick wore a pretty plain black tuxedo; it did have some unconventional elements but nothing to write home about. Patrick and Britney Mahomes were wearing Hugo Boss and announced some surprising news about another baby on the way. The bling in his look really brought it together, and he all-around looked classic and stylish. I would hope to see him get more creative next year, but this was a good first go. I give his look a six out of ten.

The most classically Chanel look of the night was Stefon Diggs wearing a fully tweed suit. Stefon was styled amazingly and really encapsulated what Chanel and Karl are known for. Not only was the suit brilliant, but also the accessories and broach honored the team so well. Stefon showed us that you do not have to be the most creative to show up and look amazing while staying true to the theme. I give this look an eight out of ten.

Eileen Gu strayed a bit from the theme of the night. She wore a white gown that looked like red wine rained on her right before she stepped out. She was dressed by Robert Wun in a custom gown. This was a very unique look, and I applaud the creativity. However, I think the hair and makeup were the stars of the show while the dress was just so-so and strayed too far from the theme. I give this look a five out of ten.

The Met Gala is the fashion event of the year, and sports stars are some of the biggest celebrities in the world. I hope to see more athletes on the carpet next year and for years to come.