The best clothing brands for different types of athletics

The best clothing brands for different types of athletics

When playing sports and being active, a small part of your performance relies on your attire. Your clothing choices can affect your mobility, comfort, and confidence. These can all be huge factors when trying to do your best. Although clothing plays a role in performance, many struggle to find quality clothes that fit all of the criteria for their activity. If you cannot decide which brands and attributes to look out for, keep reading.

The first category includes running. The most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear while running is comfort. This includes compression and mobility. Outdoor Voices does a really great job of combining comfort with style. This brand is my favorite for running long distances because the clothes stay comfortable throughout the run without causing any rubbing. The next brand I recommend for running is Lululemon. Lululemon does a great job with running clothes for two reasons: the first being the leggings provide great compression, and the second is that they do not fall down.

The next category includes lower movement exercises such as yoga or pilates. With these workouts, the most vital characteristics are the ability to stretch and and the ability to provide comfort. The clothes must stretch to fit the way your body moves while also being comfortable enough so that you can fully relax into stretches. One brand that does this really well is Alo Yoga. The brand uses great fabrics that move with your body while feeling soft on your skin. Lululemon also has an amazing line for this type of activity. It is called the Align Collection and is made with the align fabric. From personal experience, I love these pieces for summer or winter because they are both breathable but still warm.

The final category includes high-intensity training such as weight lifting and interval training. When buying clothes for these activities, you have to keep in mind fabric quality and durability. With poor fabric quality comes see-through clothes, and that is a big problem. My favorite brands that prevent transparent material and provide durability are Gymshark and Rouge Fitness. Both of these brands make their clothing with high-quality materials that last.

When deciding on attire to buy to wear to the gym, make sure you are looking at what suits you and your workout routine. Something that always helps is looking at reviews made by people that train similarly to you; hopefully, I am that trustworthy person for you. No matter what you wear, the most important thing is feeling your best.