Boys varsity basketball takes its second win over Forest Hills Northern 74-37


As of late, Rangerball has had its talents on full display. On Friday, February 3, the boys took on Forest Hills Northern for the second time, aspiring to stretch their OK White record to 5-2, and that they did-their spectacular performance enabled them to leave the Huskies in the dust.

Every aspect of the team was performing at its highest level, especially evident in the first quarter. The first quarter is a crucial time for either team to gain momentum and an important lead, and Rangerball took charge of the game then. A multitude of three-pointers from Jonas VanderWoude and Quincy Henry allowed for an early lead of 13-5 as the first quarter ended.

After gaining a lead, the Rangers only continued to excel in the second quarter. Just two minutes in, the score was now 19-7 Rangers, due to Rangerball’s stellar defense. Forest Hills Northern’s offense was faltering now, unable to gain any traction as the game went on. Halfway through the second quarter, the boys advanced their lead to 27-7, then 39-13 with the start of halftime-those minutes were nothing short of an impressive scoring streak for the Rangers.

But the third quarter was a perfect continuation of that. At this point, the boys’ defense was so effective Forest Hills Northern was only able to garner seven points during this quarter, a large contrast to Forest Hills Central’s twenty-five points. Top scorers Jonas VanderWoude, Quincy Henry, and Jake Koning contributed greatly during this time, and this quarter could not be more flawless for the Rangers-now, they led 64-21 as the fourth quarter went underway.

The last few minutes for the Rangers consisted of a slightly lower scoring rate, but regardless it was too late for the Huskies to craft a comeback. The course of the game up until then had been picture-perfect, and that allowed for full speed ahead for the boys. But other than the evident positives that made a successful night, junior Owen Godley managed to execute a dunk that left the crowd reeling, marking it as the first dunk all season-and junior Quincy Henry performed well to aid in the absence of senior Levi McKenzie.

“Quincy was a huge part of our success, he stepped up in a big way on both ends. To continue playing like this, we just need the team to keep playing with confidence and trusting each other and we’ll be all good,” Levi, who is currently out with a broken wrist, states.

As the final buzzer rang, the score sat at an impressive 74-37. This game was undoubtedly a result of efforts put in all week in practice and stands as one of the most well-executed games all season.

“The team performed very well, controlling almost all aspects of the game, especially defensively. Dunking was awesome considering it was my first in-game dunk and it was against our rivals,” junior Owen Godley comments.

Rangerball’s next matchup is another highly-anticipated rivalry one, against Byron Center on Tuesday, February 7 at Byron Center. There, the boys look to gain their sixth OK White win.