JV bowling plays through three tough matches


On MLK day, Monday, January 16, the JV bowling team won by default against Grand Rapids Christian. GRC did not have enough players to participate in the game.

On January 18, the boys faced up against Lowell and ended up losing by a close margin, 13-17. Last year, Lowell wasn’t a great team, so the team was too relaxed heading into the game.  The boys won both baker games, coming out to a huge start, and securing 10 points. Unfortunately, they got a little too comfortable with their lead, losing 7 out of 10 team games.  Bowlers Mathew Curtis and Nick Francisco both had great games, attempting to lead their team to victory, but it was not enough to pull away with a win.

Sadly, on Monday, January 23, the boys were crushed by their rivals, Forest Hills Northern, 7-23. Last time, the game against FHN was really close, so the boys were hoping to come away with the win this time, and rebound from last week’s loss. After the baker games were over, the boys lost one and won one, leaving them at a two-point disadvantage, due to losing pinfall.

The team knew that they needed to win the majority of the team games to win, but it just did not happen, losing 7 out of 10 again. Bowler Zackary Race thinks there were a few reasons they lost. “One, our heads just weren’t in it because it’s a Monday, and Mondays are known for being really unamusing, and two, just today we, didn’t really feel too serious and most of the team goofed off. I tried my hardest and that’s all that matters to me.”

He also had high praises for his fellow bowlers. “If I had to say who did the best I’d say Enzo, he did probably the best, and second was Nick, he locked in the first three frames, three strikes in a row after he flunked out but he still scored above 100.”

Zack had some thoughts on what the team needed to work on. “We need to work on our strike-balls, we all go all over the place, sometimes we go left sometimes we go right, I need to work on hooking my ball more, I am working on doing that consistently, and we need to hit more spares.”

On January 25, the team squared up against Greenville and got thrashed 8-22. Last time, the game against Greenville was won by the FHC bowlers, but Greenville learned from its mistakes. Greenville won both baker games, and the JV bowlers lost 6 out of 10 team games.

The bowlers attempted to right the ship, but that ship had already sailed. Enzo had some thoughts about last nights loss. “It was a tough night,  me and their best bowler were really battling it out, I ended up coming out on top, but their whole entire team was good, they had better averages then us, but you know, it is that it is, some of us shined, some of us need some work still, but, that’s just how it is.” He also critiqued his own game. “I need to work on consistency, being able to consistently get that headpin so I can get all those pins down.”

The bowlers are looking to rebound from these losses during their next three games, home against Byron Center, and away against the state champs of Northview, and East Grand Rapids.