JV golf wraps up a storied season

JV golf wraps up a storied season

After a long and fruitful season, the Forest Hills Central JV golf team finally wrapped-up its season last Thursday, May 18, 2023. The Rangers placed fourth in the OK White Conference JV tournament and ended the year with an 11-5 record. With the competition finished for the year, how do our JV golfers feel about their season?

How do you think you have improved this season?

Freshman Nolan Timmer responded: “One thing that I think I improved this season was my mental game. I think by the end of the season, I was way more focused.” Freshman Jackson Madigan thought his decisions were sharper by the end of the season. “One way that I think I improved was my decision- making. I felt like as the season went on, I was more capable of choosing the right shot to hit.” Sophomore Dylan Choura said, “This season, I feel that my consistency improved greatly, and I am overall playing the game smarter.”  After a long season of practicing and playing the game every week, anybody is bound to improve, and our athletes certainly think they did.

Did you attain your personal goals that you set for yourself, or did they fall just short?

When asked that question, sophomore Jacob Elliott declared: “The big goal I set for myself is to get below a score of forty in a match, and I am happy to say I did complete that. A goal I did not meet was to stay below a forty-five the entire season.” Sophomore Dylan Choura wished his game got better than it did. “My goals for the season was consistency and improvement from last season, and I achieved the consistency but I still don’t feel I improved as much as I wanted to.” Freshman Nolan Timmer had no regrets about this last season. “Some goals I met this year was winning a match and placing in a tournament.” Thankfully, all of our athletes are still underclassmen, so all have time to meet the goals they may have not been able to meet this year.

What was the JV Golf team’s favorite memories this year?

Dylan Choura kept it short and sweet by saying, “My favorite memory was our last match.” Jackson Madigan was enticed by the sweet taste of success. “My favorite memory of the season was the Mona Shores Invite when I shot a season low and at the JV Knight Invite and finished T-2 overall.” Jacob Elliott was just happy to focus on something other than school. “My favorite memory was being out on the course playing golf.” Every season has its highs and lows, and it is nice to know that our athletes have made more fond memories than bad ones this year.

What are our athletes looking forward to next season?

Jacob Elliott is hoping to take that next step up. “Next season, I’m looking forward to getting on varsity and putting my skills to the test and seeing what I can do to improve myself even more.” Making varsity is a boom or bust thing for Dylan Choura. “Next season, I hope to just make varsity, and if I don’t, then I will run track.” Jackson Madigan is just looking forward to getting better next year: “I’m looking forward to improving my scores next year so that I can place higher in tournaments and lower our team score.” Nolan Timmer, like Jacob, dreams of making the varsity golf team. “I’m looking forward to hopefully making the varsity team next year and being able to play in those events.” After a long season of improving games, meeting goals, and forging life-lasting memories, this JV golf season comes to a close. However, even after all of the golf is played for the season, our JV golfers cannot wait to take their games to the varsity level next year.