FHC becomes the MHSAA state runner-up against Warren De La Salle


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Captains Crandall Quinn and Raymond Cargill meet the Pilots midfield before the game.

For most athletes, the professional league is the dream growing up; the field, fans, and the chance to make history playing your favorite sport could never get old. However, this week, the FHC Rangers got this chance early at Ford Field where they left every thought besides football at the gate. 

On Friday, November 25, the Rangers took on the state finals for the first time since 1994 against the reining state champions: the Pilots of De La Salle. This game has been thirteen in the making, and when the Rangers won against Dexter, all their dreams finally became a reality, and all of the support the community showed proved to be just what the team needed. 

“Making it all the way to Ford Field for the first time in almost three decades is awesome,” junior Cohen Murray said. “I do feel like this couldn’t have been done without our connection as a team. We’ve done many things this year that have just built our connection. Being a family on the field was definitely a huge reason we had such a great season. I think we all can say that we are very grateful for the community support.” 

After 13 straight wins for FHC, the coaches and players were more than grateful for where they were in the season and all that they accomplished going into this game.

“This year’s football season I feel went the best it could’ve gone,” Cohen stated. “Going 9-0  in the regular season is a big accomplishment for us and then going 13-1 overall is just crazy.”

The game started off with a rough attempt to pull forward for the Rangers. The De La Salle Pilots were quick to take their lead getting to 21-0 in the first quarter with three clean touchdowns. It wasn’t until the second quarter that junior duo, Roman Brummel and Ty Hudkins brought the ball into the end zone for the Rangers to advance the score to 38-13 before halftime. 

Although the Rangers were down by a good amount at the half, this didn’t mean they wouldn’t continue their fight until the last second. The second half opened up the field for more scoring, and even though FHC was done with its points, the Pilots were far from done. The game would continue on for the next two quarters with the final score being 52-13 with a Pilots win.

The season may not have ended how the Rangers wanted, but the season they had was still one for the record books as they pushed past adversity and how everyone thought they would do.

“Our team did amazing this season, and we exceeded all expectations,” senior Sam Sneider said. “It didn’t end how we wanted it to, but overall, we performed to the best of our ability, and I’m really proud of everyone.”

With a 13-1 season, FHC football wraps up its roller coaster of emotional wins and hard work for what will be known as one of the best seasons in Ranger history. Thank you, FHC football, seniors, coaches, and of course the community for making this a season to remember.