FHC bowling comes within three points of pulling off a major upset against Lowell


Going up against a dominant powerhouse like Lowell is no small task for any team. Maybe it was the motivation to end the slump, or maybe it was the underdog fever that kicked in, but no matter what it was, the boys bowling team squeezed and squeezed a win out of Lowell until they couldn’t hold on any longer. Hand FHC three more points, and it would be game over for Lowell. Without those three vital points, though, the boys lost by a score of 16-14. Sophomore Peyton Price described the match as “definitely our best game as a team,” and coach Terry Metzner recounted the Monday contest as “a well-fought battle.”

“The boys bowled well today in a well-fought battle, and a little bit of baker game mistakes led to a difficult loss, but they’re getting a lot better,” Metzner said.

Those baker games really came back to bite them at the end when the score read Lowell: 16, and FHC: 14. If the boys won those tightly contested baker games by limiting numerous pin pick-ups, the talk probably wouldn’t be about how close they were to victory, but rather about how crucial of a win it was for them. Yesterday afternoon, baker games and individual games were totally different ball games; junior Joey Spaletto’s 222 and junior Zach Guikema’s 199 certainly carried the load for the Rangers in the individual games, making up for the lost baker game points. 

In terms of the girls team’s performance, freshman Skyler Tierney’s 144 unfortunately didn’t carry enough traction behind it to factor into a win for the lady bowlers as the Rangers fell 30-0. Long story short, the girls entered Hillcrest Lanes with their heads held high and left with them held up even higher. 

“I’m very proud of the girls because they just keep bowling no matter what is going on around them. We just need to keep on practicing hard and things will work out,” Metzner explained.

Both the boys and girls teams will make their way back to their inner sanctum, Eastbrook Lanes, this Wednesday to match up with the Greenville Yellow Jackets.