The boys varsity soccer team secures a win to the district finals


Fall sports slowly come to an end, along with fall leading into the winter, the boys soccer team is wrapping up its season, with only one game remaining. On Tuesday, October 18, the boys played at 7:00 P.M. against Grand Rapids Christian. During the first game of the district championship, the boys swept the floors by winning 1-0 with a goal by senior Omar Hadzimusic with only thirty-six seconds left in the game, pushing them further into the chance at a state title.

Junior Brett Comiskey, is so beyond proud of his team, he sees the growth, the brotherhood, the friendship, and the talent that each member of the team has displayed throughout the season.

“I am most proud of how much effort this team is given on the field and at practice,” Brett said. “I feel we’ve done very well this season. Although we’ve had some trouble finishing our chances, in every game we are doing a great job of creating those chances. I’m most excited to see how far the same can go.”

Throughout the season, wins and losses have shaped the boys into who they are today. Coach Paul Kramer sees the effort and the grit that has allowed the team to go as far as they have.

“Their resiliency, fighting back when adversity hits, and seizing the moment are some of the team’s great traits,” coach Paul Kramer said. “The boys have improved in their mentality towards the game more than anything. Understanding situations and how to adjust according to a result.”

The boy’s next game is against East Grand Rapids in the district finals, on the Ranger turf at 7:00 p.m. The boys have yet to win against the Pioneers but there is a lot on the line this time.