The boys varsity soccer team ties the Huskies in the last OK White Conference match


In the last OK White Conference match of the season, the boys varsity soccer team faced off against the Northern Huskies, on their field. The home-field advantage couldn’t save the Huskies from a tie. An overall score of 3-3 with huge goals by senior Omar Hadzimujic along with juniors Matthew Taylor and Kyle Webb.

Senior Myles Shoham, a high-scoring player, feels like the team has grown and can go further this season with what they have learned through all the wins and all the losses.

“I’m most proud of our team’s record and commitment to success,” Myles said. “I believe our team has done a great job this season, but not just because of our record. The team’s off-the-field attitude towards each other is what makes us a good team.”

Trying to pick a favorite part of this season is difficult for coach Paul Kramer. He understands that they fight each game and grow as a team making it hard to pick a favorite for this incredible season.

“It’s hard to just pinpoint one moment so far this season. We’ve had some great performances. The Hudsonville and FHE games were probably my favorite so far because the boys had to fight through adversity to come back from a deficit to get a tie and a win.”

The boys varsity soccer team is excited to continue their season on a high and grow as a whole as it goes on. The boy’s next games are the MHSAA District 29 Semifinal games. Playing two games a day, one at five P.M. and one at seven P.M., on the Ranger field.