Ranger football crushes the Greenville Yellow Jackets for a week seven win


Week seven of football in Ranger Country started like any other as the first full week of October came to an end; just like clockwork though, FHC geared up for a game against the Greenville Yellow Jackets that would prove to be one of its best yet.

“I think we started very slow but we were able to come back from that slow start and get rolling in the second quarter. Getting every man in is the goal in every game and we were able to do that,” senior captain Raymond Cargill commented.

The first quarter started off slow for both FHC and Greenville as they suited up for a long game. The Rangers and Yellow Jackets played hot potato with the ball all throughout the quarter, leaving the scoreboard bare after the first. Although things started off differently than expected,  the Rangers got into the groove early in the second and that is when things took off.

Just seconds into the second quarter, FHC pulls off an impressive touchdown that would be the first of many for this talented team. Five minutes later, the Rangers would score again and bump the score to 14-0. At this point, fans could tell that the team was out for blood, and as they kept scoring, their momentum grew. The team would go on to score another touchdown before halftime which would bring the score to 21-0 before its locker room break.

With a bold lead at the half, many players felt that FHC was just getting warmed up after its slow start.

“The game went well, we started off a little flat, but going into the second quarter we picked up the pace and ended with a significant lead at the half. Which allowed everybody to get in-game which is always great,” senior Sam Sneider replied.

Going into the third quarter, the Rangers were fired up and ready to finish what they started. FHC’s 21-0 lead only grew as the team went to work breaking down the Yellow Jacket defense to put points on the board; sure enough, by the end of the third, the score was 33-0 Rangers going into the last quarter of gameplay. The lead was already brutal but FHC kept the pace up and the game didn’t end there.

The fourth quarter brought less action but scoring all the same as the time on the clock dwindled crowning the Rangers the winners. The team crushed the Yellow Jackets with a final score of 36-0 and the excitement didn’t just stop there. This win marks the seventh win of the season meaning that the Rangers still have a perfect record both in conference play and overall as well.

Knowing that this team just can’t be beaten, Grand Rapids Christian will have to put up quite the fight to ruin this streak for FHC’s homecoming game in week eight. The team will continue to defend its title in its homecoming game on Friday, October 14, in Ranger Stadium.

“We started off slow tonight and made a few mistakes in the first quarter, but we made adjustments and finished the game strong,” senior Michael Campbell added.