How can rituals within sports teams further develop team bonding?

How can rituals within sports teams further develop team bonding?

Getting ready for a competition comes in many different routines and processes. Some athletes like to prepare alone, while others feed off of the energy from the people around them. Some have very specific rituals such as getting hyped up in their car or locker room. Many players at FHC have different ideas of how their pre-game rituals will impact not only themselves but also the team.

Coach Brad Anderson emphasizes how he believes rituals impact players’ performance during wrestling season. He thinks it benefits the team to have traditions and routines before each game.

“Typically after the weigh-ins, one of the older boys will arrange a meal. There’s nothing like breaking bread with your teammates. We also have tournament days where in between matches, coaches, and players all go to the table to talk. Those are some of the things that we do to develop camaraderie further,”coach Anderson said.

Junior Jonas VanderWoude loves being a part of the basketball team and all that goes along with it. The boys make sure everyone is included in the group activities and the yearly team building activities, along with the game day routines week-after-week..

“Based on last year alone, we served at a local church on Saturday, which was a good team bonding experience. We also go to Culver’s after every home game. We try and make sure we get everyone out there,” Jonas said.

Being in season and playing on a team that is loved by each member is special. Being a part of a team is one of the more important things that heightens the high school experience. However, being a part of a team doesn’t have always relate to athletics. Bernice Sam, a senior at FHC, joined the environmental club. She talks about how the group bonds and creates a closer club environment.

“The environmental club is a great place to grow bonds with different people and create good friendships with people I would not have met before,” Bernice said. “We all pick up trash and weed the garden together, and it’s a great way to grow as a group.”

So, as you can see, traditions have become just as important as the main event for sports teams and clubs. Growing closer as a group, sharing stories from previous years, remembering individuals from the past, and simply being able to relax outside of the daily grind are all great examples of why new and existing team rituals can and should continue.