The boy’s varsity soccer team unfortunately loses to the FHN Huskies.


With only two games before the OK White conference tournaments begin, the boys continue to show that they are on the right track to a state title. However, they, unfortunately, lost 2-1 against the FHN Huskies; junior Kyle Webb scored a goal with junior Matthew Taylor, who had the assist with three minutes remaining.  Despite the tough loss, the boys are still confident and excited to redeem themselves. 

Staying motivated throughout the season is tough, especially when the season is going exceptionally well, even with the loss. Coach Paul Kramer is doing what he can to make the game fun and exciting for the boys on top of the continuous winning. 

“Motivating players is a tough one for me. Long ago, when I played, Players were self-motivated. We didn’t rely on a coach for that. The pressures and situations kids face nowadays are totally different, so I always try to keep that in mind,” Coach Kramer said. “I appeal to a player’s senses and what is at stake for any given game. Never focus too far ahead because that will take away from the job at hand.”

With the constant motivation from his coach, Matthew loves being on the team and is excited to continue to grow as a player. 

“Coach Kramer has helped my confidence as a player by encouraging me to push myself, which in turn helps me play better,” Matthew said. “The best part about the team is the fact that everyone on the team wants to win trophies and is willing to do anything to accomplish that.”

The boy’s last game before the OK White conference championship begins is Thursday, September 29, against South Cristian at 6:45 p.m at South Christian’s fields.