Carol Sprys returns to Ranger country

With athletics growing across the nation, much pre-season preparation and planning is necessary. Without an athletic secretary, there are no sports, no Friday night football games, no high-energy basketball games, and no state championship lacrosse and soccer teams. 

FHC recently had a change in its athletic office with the departure of secretary Kristy Swayze. Swayze left a mark on FHC that no students nor staff could forget. Only one woman could be up for the job with a huge void to fill in the athletic department: the returning of former athletic secretary, Carol Sprys. 

Sprys started at FHC back in February 2014 and retired in June 2021. In these past seven years, she has grown fond of Ranger country and the culture created. 

“The FHC community is like a family,” Sprys explained.”I was surprised how many parents came up to me to welcome me and thank me for filling in. My husband and I love to come to watch games even after my retirement.” 

Sprys couldn’t stay away from the job she loved. So hopping back on the saddle was like riding a bike. The only significant addition to the athletic department since her retirement has been the new athletic director, Jonathan Goei. 

“The beginning of the school year is always so busy,” Sprys discussed. “But I love interacting with the students and coaches along with Mr.Goei.” 

Fall sports have been rolling at FHC thanks to Sprys’ hard work in the office. Since she was already part of the staff, it was not difficult for her colleagues to reacquaint with her. Principal Steve Passinault expressed his excitement upon her return. 

“Mrs.Sprys has great experience for that role,” Passinault mentioned. “She knows FHC well, and she is just really good at what she does. She makes great connections with our staff, parents, and students. Our athletic department is in good hands.”

The job of athletic secretary sounds vague but is a crucial component of any sports season. Sprys is responsible for setting up season calendars and sending letters to families for sports. She hires all the officials for sporting events when the O.K. White Conference doesn’t set them up. She is also responsible for team transportation, a job that comes with great difficulty considering recent bussing shortages. 

While the workload is high, it only gets higher when putting together coaches’ meetings and budgeting. Coaches will approach her, asking about equipment for their teams, and a process goes through the A.D. first, but after that, she assists with online orders. With all of these skills, she helps make Mr.Goei’s life a little bit easier as well. 

“Mrs. Sprys is a wealth of knowledge,” Goei exclaimed. “She also brings a historical perspective which, with me being new to the district, is incredibly helpful. She is incredibly efficient and loves her job. I never have to worry about things not being done in our office. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and always quick to lend a helping hand. She works hard and is a tremendous benefit to our office and the FHC Athletics Program in general.”

Upon arrival, Sprys expected only to be wanted for a short-term position, but as of September 27, she has agreed to be with FHC for the entire 22’-23 school year. The staff shows no opposition to this decision. Mrs. Sprys’ commitment to the school and organization has gained respect from students, staff, and parents across the community. 

“People from other schools comment about how well our athletic events are being run,” Passinault said. “Officials also talk about how friendly our staff is and how well accommodated they are. So these things are positive examples of how people look at FHC and why we are seen as a school of excellence.”

Sprys herself has shown excitement regarding her journey back to FHC, and the athletic secretary position was calling her name.

“I was so glad to continue in a job I love doing when I was asked to come back. Again, the FHC community is like a family,” Sprys said.

It’s safe to say that FHC is happy to have Mrs. Sprys back. Her commitment to kids and their sports is unmatched. Welcome back to Ranger country, Carol Sprys.