Lucas Thompson – Senior Farewell


The word goodbye has a harsh ring to it. The word farewell seems like things will change in a peaceful manner. A lot is going to change in my life in these next coming months, so it is only right that I reflect on the memories that FHC has given me. 

I was never a confident kid. I never saw myself as anything else but a background character in someone else’s life. When I started my freshman year, I just figured I would go to school, do my work, and go home. But FHC had different plans for me. My peers had different plans for me. I gained more friends and found myself and who I was. In my junior year, I joined The Central Trend. I wrote for them for about a semester and a half until Mr. George approached me with interest in me joining the class. I was hesitant at first. I liked sports but not to the extent that some of the other writers did.

Thomas Cobb, Tate Greer, and Adam Hop led FHC Sports Report through my first year. They helped me find something I love. That love was writing. I finally felt like I was a part of something, which was something I struggled with for a long time. The class of 2022 showed me how fun a class in school can and should be. From the multiple jokes that can’t leave the classroom to the award show that somehow eleven people managed to put together, I will forever be grateful to the group that introduced me to such an incredible class. 

Thomas approached me one day and mentioned being an editor-in-chief. I was unsure about this decision. I never saw myself as editor material like Thomas, Tate, or Adam. I looked up to those guys in a certain way that made it seem like reaching their level would be impossible. Nonetheless, Thomas believed in me, so I agreed. 

Being an editor-in-chief, I struggled at first. I felt I wasn’t good enough and the class didn’t deserve my struggles. However, our advisor, Anthony Sultini, told me otherwise. I wanted to be just like Thomas, but Sultini told me to be my own editor. He told me to be my own leader. This stuck with me up to this point. This is exactly what I did. With a new and bigger group, I couldn’t do it all on my own. Luckily, I had my co-editor to help me out, Serena Thiede. Together, we managed to help make incredible writers and an even better environment. There have been numerous ups and downs throughout the class but I would do it all again. 

To the writers of the FHC Sports Report, you each have incredible and unique personalities, and I love that about you all. The class would be boring otherwise. 

To Caleb, I appreciate the enthusiasm that you showed just by walking into the class. It seems like nothing else goes on in that head of yours other than sports, and I think you should take that passion and run with it. You can achieve some great careers with your knowledge and passion. Keep up the good work, kid.

To Owen: I saw you as Caleb’s buddy at first. I won’t lie, but after talking to you, I have learned that just like him; you have a sports mind that tops many. What I like about you most though is your maturity and calmness even through a class as loud and stressful as ours. Never stop being you. 

To CC: You grew up with my sister, so I had some prior knowledge of who you are. You proved to me how some of the quietest people have some of the most loud and powerful writing. Not only do you show excellent writing, but you have been able to laugh about my humor. Maybe you were just being nice, but I appreciate the few laughs and smiles out of you. I wish you the best on your next path, and I know you will do well over there. 

To Gabby:  You are my sister. Obviously, I know more about you than many others do. But, I don’t always get to see the side of you that is at school. I know you for the little sister at home, but you have impressed me as a student in our class as well. Not only is your writing top-notch, but your work ethic is unlike anyone I had ever seen. I see a lot of myself in you in your work ethic but also just the want to make others happy. Just remember, I won’t be far from you next year. If you need advice, help, or even just a Chick-fil-A run, I will be there. Flourish in high school, but remember there is more to life than just this building. 

To Jonas: I first met you in a summer strength and conditioning session. You were the loudest and most upbeat person ever while running sprints through what felt like one-hundred degree heat. I admire your leadership qualities and your positivity even through tough scenarios. I was pleased to hear you would be joining our class and you did not disappoint. Seeing you smile and laugh in class would bring a better mood to everybody in the room. You have the power to change people’s moods, which makes you an incredible leader. Never forget that as you go into your senior year and other years of your life.

To Philip: I know I would always make jokes about you being like your brother, but I see many of the positive qualities that he brought to FHC Sports Report last year within you. Your sarcasm can be harsh to people sometimes, but to an extent, people need to hear that kind of honesty. You are passionate about a lot of things you do, yet you can still be a really mellow guy. Keep having fun in life, and don’t forget about how powerful your passions can be. 

To Tz: You’re interesting, to say the least. You have a bubbly personality that can be powerful to others. You have a very free mind as well. This helps and hurts you sometimes, but it makes you unique. Even the times you have gotten on my nerves the most, I can confidently say that you have been a pleasure to have in this class. You have a special personality, so make sure to use it correctly. Take care through your next chapters of life. 

To Peyton: You and I have quite a few memories together. From summer baseball to shenanigans at school, we always have something to laugh about. Something I didn’t expect was the personality you brought to class. If you weren’t a senior, I could definitely see you being an editor-in-chief with your outgoing character. I admire you, Peyton. Keep up the good work through the rest of your years, buddy.

To Matthew Taylor: You have fun, and I like that. You do your work and do it well but still find a way to mess around through it too. I see a lot of Tate Greer in you, and don’t worry, that is a compliment. Wherever life takes you, keep making jokes and smiling through it. You’re a good person, writer, and from what I have observed, a good friend. Keep it up.

To Jackson: You are the little brother of our class. I hope that you know I truly appreciate everything you have done and your love for this class. I know you love this class because of how much you want to be involved in all classroom discussions. Your writing has grown exponentially throughout the year, and I couldn’t feel like more of a proud older brother to you. I hope you keep loving to write, and don’t let anyone keep you down. 

To Matthew Holtgreive: We have grown up together throughout the years. I remember when you were a shy, little kid who didn’t want to even open his mouth. But now, I constantly hear your voice through our class, and I am very proud of the progress you have made. 

To Eli: You are something else, that is for sure. Your writing has improved heavily since you entered this class. I really enjoy that no matter what mood anyone else is in, everything just seems funny to you. You never seem bothered, and I respect that. Keep working hard on everything you do.

To Lily: I have seen your writing and your personality, and I have been beyond impressed. There is a reason you were picked to take the spot of me and Serena. You are smart, and I know I always poke fun at you, but I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication, even when the class would get tough. I hope Serena and I have taught you enough and made you love this class, but don’t be us. Be your own editor.

To Elsa: I still find it amazing that you didn’t really mean to take this class, yet you still produce such great work. You are a pleasure to have in class and seem to brighten the mood at whatever table you sit at. I can also depend on you for anything else. I hope you grow up loving writing because you do one heck of a job. 

To Olivia: To put it simply, you are bold. You don’t take crap from other people, and I admire that. You have thick skin yet can be a very compassionate leader. You and Lily will be on the cover of everything FHC Sports Report. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Instead, just be you and show that you are worthy of the role. I have no doubt that you will serve this class well.

To Riley: I have always seen you as weird. I mean that in the best way possible too. We have been friends for a while, family-friends mainly. You have been really fun to work with in this class. Your sassy attitude is exactly what the class needs sometimes. I hope that you continue to write, even if it is just as simple as journaling some thoughts. The U.P. is getting a good one.

To Mazie: Rockford lost a good one, that is for sure. Horns down. You make fun of the people in the class, but deep down, I can really tell you care for everyone. I know that you are a caring and compassionate person, and I think you should show that to more people. You are so much fun to be around, so I hope you continue to be you.

To Charlotte: I was honestly surprised when you said you would join this class. I never knew you liked writing, but I don’t think you did either. In my view, you seem to really love writing about our sports here at FHC. I am happy you joined the class though because you light up whatever room you enter. I am excited to keep on growing as people together.

To Serena: You and I had a lot of work to do. We went into this year unsure about what might happen. Honestly, I think there are some things we could have done better, but overall, we should be proud of what we accomplished. I am proud of the growth you have shown too as a writer, person and friend. I am excited to read your future stories. Drake is lucky to have you. 

To Sultini: It was weird walking into your class for the first time last year. I was not sure what to think of you, but you made it really easy to like you. I think you did an amazing job of filling a hard role as FHC Sports Report advisor. I loved serving by your side this entire year and knowing you are the man I can go to for personal and classroom issues. There are not many teachers like you. You are one of a kind. Keep coaching, keep teaching, keep up the special energy that you possess. You aren’t an average teacher. You are a spectacular one. 

FHC Sports Report isn’t just a class, it is a family. It wasn’t just a sixth hour class, it was a community. I am beyond grateful for all of the memories the past two years have given me. The class gave me purpose, and I am forever in its debt. Every writer has become a friend of mine. Thank you FHC, and thank you FHC Sports Report for shaping me into who I am today. I am Lucas Thompson, and I conclude my final piece for this phenomenal site.