A reflection upon my writing


There are many “lasts” when it comes to senior year. Last week, last day, last exam; in this case, last editorial. I look back and reflect on the pieces I have written for FHC Sports Report and find pride in some, and others I feel could have been executed in a better way. Regardless, this is my chance to reflect on some of my favorite pieces and how I was feeling throughout writing them. 

This year’s out-of-the-park baseball bat selections 

This was my first story published when I joined FHC Sports Report. I had always loved baseball, but this was the first time I was interested in the science and specs behind certain baseball bats. I did more research on this story that others and tried to include my opinion as much as possible. It may not qualify as my strongest piece, but it was definitely a lot of fun to write.

Is Aaron Judge going to make history? 

During the 2022 MLB season, Aaron Judge was on a tear with a high amount of home runs and doing so with an incredible pace. In the end, my prediction was correct since he did break the American League home run record. However, this piece was difficult to write. There was only so much I could say about his skill and what I predict, but due to the fact that it was trending on the website for a while, I cannot complain much.

A letter to the FHC community and student body 

I loved this story and was considerably proud of it. I would consider it one of my favorite stories. I spoke from the heart with no research needed. Editorials that are entirely my opinion are the easiest to write. There was a small amount of backlash for it, but sometimes, bringing out truths that many hate to hear is the fun side of journalism. While it was the easiest to write, I felt I put the most effort into it. 

The weight room

This was a column that included a series of editorials I had created. I was really into weightlifting and weight room culture, and I was heavily influenced by Tik Tok. I decided to try my best to inspire newcomers to try the gym just as I had at one point. The stories did not gain too much traction on the website, but it was still a pretty fun column to write. 

A class dedicated to goals and progress

While this was not an editorial, the feature had editorial-like aspects to it. I discussed a class that had a huge impact on me throughout my four years at FHC, so I felt it was only right to give it the spotlight. I worked really hard on it, and I had a high amount of fun talking with coach Rogers about it. I do wish the story would have blown up more because I still feel this class can provide loads of benefits to students. 

Some parents just can’t let go

Some of my stories come from personal experience. This one though was inspired by the observation of parents at the sporting events I attended. I would often see parents who have children playing for the pleasure of the parents rather than the kids’ own wishes and enjoyment. It is a sad truth that I will continue to see it going forward. All in all, children should be able to choose their sports. 

A simple game that can bring loads of joy

Finally, we have another favorite. This was a story that just flowed right onto the paper. There was not much thinking involved. Instead, I just listened to my mind and wrote my ideas down. I discussed my love for my favorite sport. I know I am not alone when I say that talking about a sport you love is beyond easy. It was a great way to be able to reflect on all of the memories and happiness the game has brought me. Whether the story was trending or not, I do not care. I was happy to write it. 

While I am no longer going to college to pursue journalism, I cannot help but reflect back on how fun it was to write what was on my mind. I will never stop writing. Even if it is not my profession, I will always write. Each story is me in different spots throughout my life. I wrote through happiness, frustration, sadness, excitement, and many other unexplainable emotions. I hope my writing may have impacted a few people out there because there are many pieces I have read that have given me inspiration. 

Journalism may not be my future profession, but I will always be a writer.