The boys varsity soccer team wins 3-0


The season continues on into the soon beginning of the October season, the boys are still continuing to work hard and grow as a team together. During their game on the 22nd of September, the boys won yet another game against Grand Rapids Christian with two goals by Omar Hadzmujic and one by Nick Bergman with an overall score of 3-0.

Being an incredibly hard-working team, coach Paul Kramer stresses the importance of having a student and parent section for the team. The growing support and excitement of the crowd motivates the boys to be their best.

He says, “I love these kids, and I love to see the stands full rooting them on. They feed off of it. I’ll never forget last year’s district final where it almost seemed the boys feed off the crowd and their energy.”

Senior, and high-scoring player, Omar Hadzmujic, loves being a part of the team and is so excited to see the growing support along with the growing improvement that the boys continue to make. 

Omar says, “I think the season is off to a great start, we’ve already matched the number of wins we had last year and we’re playing better as a team.”

The boys next game is Saturday, September 24, on the Ranger field; the boys are excited to see where the season is going to go and would love to see you there.