The boys varsity soccer team secures a win against Caledonia


When thinking about hard work, many things can come to mind. The number of days you go to work and how long you work, there are many different ideas regarding work; however, a group that comes to mind is the boys varsity soccer team. Practicing five days a week, with games at least once a week, the boys continue to push themselves to work hard to reach their state title goal. 

On Saturday, September 17, the boys faced off against Caledonia High School. The team won yet another game, leaving their season with only one loss. After the match concluded, the score ended 4-0 with goals by senior Noah Gleason, junior Kyle Webb, and two by junior Bennet Nieuwkoop.

Coach Paul Kramer is enlisting the ideas of hard work and teamwork within the boys to continue to achieve their goals or beating team after team. 

“As a team, we do not look too far ahead, our focus is on this evening, and that’s it. I’ve preached to the boys from the start it’s about the process and journey and to focus only on the next opponent. If we can do that, the rest, I believe, will take care of itself,” Coach Kramer expresses. 

The boys’ next game is Thursday, September 22, against Grand Rapids Christian, at 7:30 p.m. at Grand Rapids Christian.