JV field hockey beats Rockford Rams 3-0

JV field hockey beats Rockford Rams 3-0

The JV field hockey team continues its terrific season with its most recent win against the Rockford Rams. Last Wednesday, the team beat the Rams three to zero.

The team’s first goal was on a corner in the third quarter by Junior Eliana Amenta of FHN. The second goal was made in the third quarter by sophomore Carly Lenhart off an assist from Eliana. Sophomore Audrey Thurston made the third and final goal on a quick tip-in. The team had a different goalie for each quarter. Senior Maria Jacobs, junior Madeleine Shaner, and senior Noelle Stewart all did an excellent job keeping the Rams from scoring. 

Senior Elizabeth Ptak of FHC is usually a varsity player but plays part-time on JV  and is proud of how well the JV team is doing this season. She talks about how well she and the team did against the Rams this past game.

“During the third quarter, I had really good dodges. Overall, I just had a really good game,” Liz says. “The Rockford team is fast, so we did a great job keeping up with them.”

Liz also talks about how well her teammate did this past Wednesday. She says, “Freida Kincaid did well on defense,” Liz said. “Freida always does well defense, but they did especially well this past game.” 

Freida Kincaid is a sophomore at FHN and did an outstanding job at the team’s last game. Like Liz, they are also proud of how well the JV team is doing this season. “We finished the game super strong,” Freida said. “Our team is continually improving, and I’m loving all of it!”

 The team’s next game is Tuesday, September 22 at East Grand Rapids High School at five.