The combined JV and Freshman football win their second straight against Byron Center


If there were still any questions about whether or not the conjoined JV and freshman football team would work out, they were quickly squandered on Thursday night when the team won its second game in a row against Byron Center, 13-7.

Despite the outcome, the game didn’t necessarily start out how the Rangers would have liked; Byron Center received the opening kickoff and immediately marched down the field for a touchdown, mixing running with some short passing plays.

FHC attempted to come right back at them and looked like they were going to be successful until a Byron Center defensive player picked off Brady Osterhouse’s pass.

It looked like FHC might head into the locker room scoreless, until Brady Osterhouse zipped a nice pass to Seder Middaugh for a touchdown with nine seconds left in the half.  When asked about his touchdown, Middaugh, a sophomore, did not disappoint in telling us all about it.

“I lined up on the line and then my coach called a go route. I saw that the safety was creeping over to the right, and I cut in and Brady threw a perfect pass. That feeling of getting in the endzone was pretty cool.”

The game headed into the half tied at seven a piece. The next score didn’t come until 5:12 left in the third quarter when Osterhouse threw his second touchdown pass of the night. They failed to get the extra point but it didn’t matter because they now had the lead, 13-7. This would be the last score of the night for the Rangers.

With about 1 minute to play in the game, Byron Center gained possession of the ball and marched all the way down to the Ranger’s 22-yard line with one second to play.  They needed a touchdown in order to keep their hopes of winning alive, and thanks to an interception by Ty Ryan, they didn’t get it.

“The great asset for us is that we have been in three straight close games so my guys don’t panic in a close game.” States Coach Sultini when asked about the game. “They have been in these situations before, and they stayed calm. The guys bent, but they did not break, and that goes a long way.”

The Rangers are back in action next Thursday, September 15, at East Grand Rapids, seeking their third win in a row.