RGSO extends its win streak out to five games after picking up another mercy victory


Over the past four games, RGSO has completely controlled the pace of each game. In the past stretch, FHC has outscored its opponents by a margin of twenty-six to one. The defense features a very senior-led class mixed in with some seasoned junior and sophomores. The girls had a chance to extend their former three-game win streak last night as FHC faced off with the Greenville Yellow Jackets.

It was not very long before the Rangers’ offense took over the game, however, as FHC was able to end the game before the half. Thanks to a hat trick again from senior Theryn Hallock, as she continues to showcase she is a multi-sport athlete, goals from seniors Livy Bowling and Ruthie VanSkiver, as well as junior Dailey Tucker and sophomore Haley Ward, the Rangers were able to end the game by a final score of 9-0. The offense was able to execute on quick fast breaks, while the defense created turnovers to help the offense control the clock. The defense has proven its worth the past few games and has recognized how it’s a factor it has in this team’s success.

“We have a really good defensive backline that works well together,” senior Mattie Sexton spoke. “All four of us bring a different skill to the backline, and that’s what has made us so successful.”

Since the Gull Lake loss, the Rangers have gone 5-0. This makes their record currently 5-1, as they have an opportunity to extend their win streak out to six on Saturday versus Dexter.