Skyler Tierney


Name:  Skyler Tierney

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Girls JV soccer

Position: Midfielder

What made you want to start playing soccer?

I started playing at a very young age and I have just continued to grow to love the sport even more as I continue to play.”

How has playing soccer impacted your life? 

“It has taught me many important lessons about teamwork and mental toughness, which has really helped me not only while playing soccer but in everyday life too.”

What is your favorite memory of soccer?

“There are so many but I would definitely say any time I score or assist a goal. It’s the best feeling when the team scores and I can jump and celebrate with them”.

Who has influenced your soccer career the most? Why?

 “Definitely my dad. Know matter what sport I play, he is my biggest fan and encourager.”

What is your favorite part of being on the team?  

“When you win, you can celebrate together, and when you lose, you’ve got your teammates in the same position. So, it always feels like you have people that have your back, which makes the game so much better.”