Boys bowling finishes up a rebound season with two key victories over Lowell and FHN


In a season where a team beats its rival for the first time in four years and takes down a conference powerhouse for the second year in a row, not much else matters.

“It was a great season,” head coach Terry Metzner said. “It was special to see them [the boys] have success against teams we haven’t beaten in a while.”

The Rangers’ historic two-game run began when they embarrassed Lowell at the Red Arrows’ home alley, Hillcrest Lanes. In this contest, the boys commanded the first two baker games, winning the first game 202-190 and the second game 277-203. After the first two baker games, Lowell, a team that usually stays alive late in the season, let the game slip away. Right there waiting for the Red Arrow’s collapse was FHC, as Rangers such as Peyton Price, who shot a 183 in his first individual match of the day, and senior Zach Guikema, who recorded a team-high 212, blazed a path towards victory. Following their first victory of the season, morale was high for the Rangers.

“It felt great to finally get a win in the conference, especially against Lowell because they’re usually pretty good,” Peyton said. “We were much more confident after that game.”

The same team that started the season with a 26.5-3.5 loss and held an 0-4 record heading into Winter Break broke a four-year drought in the most satisfying way possible just days after a 29-1 victory over Lowell. 

Whatever they say, each bowler on the boys bowling team felt an extra load of pressure ahead of Wednesday’s game—pressure stemming from FHC’s four-year losing streak to FHN.

Zach and his teammates showed no signs of stress or nervousness early in Wednesday’s rivalry match when they got up the hill first, thanks to a 33-point baker-game victory. The Huskies would go on to win the second baker game, allowing them to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Wes won both of his individual matches, including a 202-146 thrashing, with excitement in his arsenal. Northern had no chance of making a comeback in such lopsided games. On their way to defeating FHN for the first time in four years, the Rangers never lost two individual matches in a row.

Heading into the OK White League Tournament at Park Center Lanes on February 19, the Rangers had a 10-game losing streak hanging over their heads, despite those two key victories against Northern and Lowell earlier on in the season. At the tourney, senior Korbin Thompson represented FHC well by punching a ticket to regionals. Korbin’s postseason run didn’t stop there, though, as the reliable senior kept his season alive after a tremendous performance at regionals—for the first time in a year, FHC finally sent a bowler to the all-encompassing state tournament.

“It was an honor to represent my team and school at regionals and states,” Korbin said. “If anything, it was just a cool experience.” 

As would be expected, the state tournament was stacked with talent from all corners of Michigan. Unfortunately for Korbin, it wasn’t his day. None of his shots were spinning the right way, and he couldn’t get comfortable at the neutral site, so it was an uphill battle the whole way.

“He had a rough day and didn’t get any breaks; it seemed like the shot was totally different than what we bowled at home—more hook there,” coach Metzner said. “So I was proud of him for making it to the state tournament after only bowling for one year.”

Although the boys dealt with losing streaks and a few slippery slopes when it came to spare shooting, the 2021-2022 season was a historic one for FHC. The Rangers beat two of their biggest rivals in the OK White, so there’s not much more coach Metzner or anyone else could ask for.