Peyton Price and Tommie Payne shine in a devastating loss to East Grand Rapids


Like every EDM song to ever exist, the Forest Hills Central boys bowling team started off slow but gradually got stronger and stronger as the match—against their crosstown rival, East Grand Rapids—went on. Exploding for a total of 465 points, the unlikely duo of sophomore Peyton Price and senior Tommie Payne provided a glimmer of hope for head coach Terry Metzner and his squad on a night where there were more things to pick apart than applaud.

“Peyton had the highest personal score of the season with a 244 with about 7 strikes in a row, and Tommie had the second-highest personal score of the year with a 221. It showed me that this team still has the potential to win big games,” said coach Metzner.

Providing the team’s only source of points, Peyton and Tommie’s endless array of strikes weren’t enough to slaughter the giant. In the end, the boys team lost by a score of 28 to 2. From here on out, coach Metzner stresses more and more production from other players not named Peyton and Tommie.

“We need to get other guys involved too, so we can beat really good teams like East Grand Rapids later this season,” explained coach Metzner. 

Just as the boys team needs to find more production from their role players, so does the girls team. After another 30 to 0 collapse, it’s not a secret that they have struggled to put all of the pieces together so far. If they intend to turn back the clocks and fill up their win column, then their freshman Megan Hackerd thinks they need to be more consistent.

“I feel like every match we have one girl bowl really well, but I don’t think we ever have a match where we all bowl well,” admitted Megan.

Before people get into a frenzy about both teams’ early-season blunder, remember that a rookie chef never bakes a perfect cake on his first try; it takes time and patience. Each team will be able to build on their “cakes” when they meet up with Grand Rapids Christian for a back alley brawl.