Wes Baldwin


Name: Wes Baldwin

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Bowling

There is no doubt that you have had quite the season, but why weren’t you on the team last year?

“I chose to take freshman year online last year, so I didn’t participate in any extracurriculars.”

Do you have any specific or special warm-up routines for games?

“I don’t really have any special warm-up routines before games; I just talk with my team and bowl during the warm-up time given.”

How would you describe your relationships with the upperclassmen?

“I have a good relationship with the upperclassman. They are all really nice and funny; we all get along really well.”

What has been your most reliable source of motivation this season?

“This season, my teammates have been my biggest supporters. After a bad shot, they give me reassuring words and also give me tips on how to bowl better on the next throw. Those teaching moments alone motivate me to forget about the bad shots and move on.”

If you were advertising the bowling team to the student body at FHC, what would your pitch sound like?

“People should join the bowling team next year because it is a really chill sport and a lot of fun. We also have a lot of seniors on the team, so we will need to gain those members back.”