The girls soccer team is getting ready for its season with the help of MSA

Although Michigan’s cold winters make it difficult to score field time for soccer, girls at FHC have discovered a new way to practice so that they can outshine their competitors and show growth before the upcoming 2022 spring season. 

The constant snow and debilitating temperatures make it tricky for the girls to practice outside. So, Michigan Sports Academies (MSA) offers space for the girls to prepare for the spring season.

MSA prides itself on allowing its players to grow by having top-tier facilities and indoor turf, as stated on the Michigan Sports Academy website. It values the role that recreation plays in kids’ lives, hence the three state-of-the-art facilities with recreational opportunities for everyone in West Michigan. As of summer 2021, MSA Fieldhouse is also the home of brand-new turf.

Senior goalie Ava Wilberding went into detail about what the indoor soccer league does for the girls and how it helps boost chemistry between players before the season begins.

“It’s all about getting to know each other and learning to know each other,” Ava said. “The seniors put on the league to help prepare the underclassmen for the season and for everyone to get closer before the season begins.”

As one of those underclassmen, freshman Ava Tyrell is beginning to learn about the team atmosphere and what it entails for her. 

“[MSA] helps the underclassmen get ready for the season and helps the seniors get to know everyone,” Ava said.

With spring nearing, the girls varsity soccer team is set to start back up on March 23. Junior Mackenzie Wintrich is working hard to prepare with her teammates and get ready for varsity-level soccer. 

“Putting the work in during the off-season will help us be prepared for the upcoming spring season,” Mackenzie said. “The indoor soccer league is a chance for players to get touches on the ball during the winter season, and it is very laid back.”

When the season rolls back around, make sure to go and see the girls take on powerhouse Gull Lake in their first match of the season. 

“My favorite part of the indoor soccer league is getting to know underclassmen and connecting with my teammates on and off the field,” Mackenzie said.