Josh Smith


Name: Josh Smith

Grade: Senior

Sport: Hockey

Position: Defense

Playing with your brother can be a great opportunity and also a challenge; what is the relationship on the ice like with you and Noah?

“It’s great being able to be on the ice with Noah and having someone on the ice you can always depend on, but it does come with his challenges. Noah has a lot of passion for the game and it takes a lot to calm him down.”

Why did you choose to be number 13?

“Everyone was telling me 13 was an unlucky number and I wanted to prove them wrong. It was that or 25.”

What are some players that you model your game after?

“I would say I model my game off of some of the old coaches that I have had like Lyn Sova, even though he is a forward and not a defenseman.”

What is your favorite moment as a Ranger?

“My favorite moment has to be when Ryan Jeffreys scored on a 3-on-5 against East with just seconds left to win the game.”

How do you prepare yourself for big games/ any traditions?

“I do the same thing whether it is a big game or not. I make sure I get a good meal in before and drink water, and warm up the same way. I would say in big games, it’s just more passionate on the ice and has more emotions.”

How is the transition from hockey season to baseball season for you?

“This year has been a bit different focusing mostly on hockey, but normally in January, I start going to the facility and getting some swings in and going on the mound so I can prepare for baseball.”