Sheldon Ramsey


Name: Sheldon Ramsey

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity hockey

Position: Forward

What is something that you learned in High School that helped push your game forward?

“I have learned when you are stuck on something, it is best to ask questions. When we are having tough times, it can feel like we are not improving. I have learned to ask myself what I could be doing better and what the team could be doing to improve.”

Who is a player past or present that you model your game after?

“Lucas Jeffreys. When I see him play, I see how smart and patient he plays. I have noticed from the beginning of this year that I have been playing smarter and I have become more patient with the puck.”

Favorite Hockey moment with FHC either on or off the ice? 

“Last season’s playoff haircuts. Great moment for everyone, and it will always be a memory that will stick in my mind.”

What is your pregame routine/traditions?

“Get to the rink a 1 hour and 30 minutes before game time. I start by saying hi to the guys, then I tape my stick to get it ready for the game. After, we got our team warmups and swag surf after. Finally, I suit up for the game and chill in the locker room listening to music.”

Why did you choose to be number 17?

“When we were picking numbers during my rookie season, I didn’t have many options for numbers. 17 is the number that caught my eye, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

What is your favorite club moment?

“My favorite club moment was scoring my first goal after coming back from breaking my femur in ninth grade.”