Anthony Ott


Name: Anthony Ott

Sport: Hockey

Grade: Junior

You have broken out on the offensive end this year, who are some players you have modeled your game after?

“My brother, Xavier, because I played with him last year. He worked with me on stick handling and learning breakouts, and he is someone I always have looked up to. Also, Lucas Jeffreys because he gives me advice all the time on how I can become a better hockey player and where I should be in my position on the ice; he is a great role model on leadership.”

Like Josh and Lucas, you and Sammy have been the top performers of your class. What can we expect from this duo going forward? 

“We have a strong power-play together.  We can trust each other to be in our spots on the ice. We will continue to help the team improve by working with the new players this year and next year. We both work hard in and out of season to stay in shape and grow as a player.”

Since Xavier was on the team in prior seasons, how has the experience of being on the team without him been like for you?

“It has been a chance for me to grow as a player and be on my own. He still supports me by coming to a lot of my games, which means a lot. I miss the push to beat him on the ice.”

With one month left of play, what are the Rangers looking to prove/accomplish the rest of the year?

“We are planning on a strong finish. We hope to make a good showing at regionals. We want to show people what FHC hockey is all about. We are going to continue to be a close and strong team.  Look for GRIT (gratitude, respect, integrity, and team).”

What has been your favorite moment of the season so far?

“The shootout win at the Chelsea Showcase and all the team bonding we have done. Also, my two short-handed goals against Jenison helped us win that game.”

What is your best way to prep for a big game/ any pregame rituals you have?

“I start with getting enough sleep, drinking water, and eating. We blast music in the locker room to pump ourselves up. I tape my stick and make sure to warm up. We work hard to pump each other up.”