Wes Baldwin’s attention to detail is starting to pay off


At an early age, before he started bowling competitively, sophomore Wes Baldwin was fascinated by the physics of each shot.

“I’ve been into bowling for a long time; it started when my brother was on the team when I was in sixth grade,” Wes said. “I thought it was so cool how he could add spin to the ball and get a bunch of strikes.”

Since sixth grade, bowling has morphed into a love for Wes. Between how many friends of his were expected to join the team and how welcoming seniors such as Zach Guikema were, Wes decided to take a big leap this year and join the bowling team. 

“I wanted to join the team because I find bowling really fun, and I had friends who wanted to join the team as well,” Wes said. “The transition was easy because of guys like Zach Guikema. I look up to Zach all the time. Not only is he a great bowler, but he knows a lot about the game and has a great personality that brightens up the team.”

His courage to join head coach Terry Metzner’s team as an underclassman took a few matches to pay off, but nonetheless, it paid off in a big way. In one match this season, Wes even exploded for 265 points.

“I believe I’ve been able to be fairly successful this season because I’ve been able to stay consistent with my form,” Wes stressed. “Throwing the ball is like a jump shot or golf swing; you will get consistent results if you are able to get up and do the same thing every time.”

This season, though, Wes has found a balance between intensity and self-deprecation. It’s not as if his intensity used to be a problem; it’s just that he’s developed valuable chemistry with upperclassmen who are close enough to him that they can crack jokes and treat him like family. 

“My favorite memories so far this season are my teammates’ reactions to the signs I make after I bowl; they all find them pretty funny,” Wes said. 

Much of Wes’ talent is still untapped. So in the next few years, Wes plans on pushing all of his chips to the center of the table with a possible state finals appearance in the back of his mind.

“It would be great if I could get a scholarship and play for a college team, but I would also want to get far into regionals and win the state title,” Wes explained.