Dual-sport athlete Roman Kalaczinski is a who every high schooler should be


Senior Roman Kalazinski is determined to succeed and thrive as student body president and sports captain during his last year of high school. With his drive to be the best form of himself for his coaches and teammates, Roman never fails to shine. 

Because he is such an integral part of the FHC Student Council, Roman has a lot of things to manage; but, no matter what, he makes time for helping others and leading his teams to victory.

“I have always known I want a higher leadership role, but I do not necessarily like being center stage. I believe the responsibility of the student body president really aligns with who I am as a person, ” Roman said. “I think it’s nice to be involved in our school and the planning of activities and hearing student feedback.” 

Head coach Pete Ross, Roman’s crew coach for all four years of his high school stint, is so proud of all Roman has done this season and all he will accomplish once the season is over.

“He is a great young man. He sets a terrific example for everyone, and he sets very high standards for himself and everyone around him,” coach Ross said. 

One of Roman’s favorite things about being a part of STUCO, swim3, and crew is the bonds that he has created with his teammates and fellow classmates throughout the years. 

“The fact that the people I have been surrounded by since I started my careers in both sports are all super passionate and super supportive no matter what and are always willing to lift you up is super nice, especially when you are down,” Roman stated.  “I have been swimming with the same five guys for swim since I started swimming competitively in fifth grade; we have a super close bond that helps with the team environment.”

Roman’s teammate, senior Holly McLenithan, appreciates his ability to boost up the team’s morale and make sure that the beginners feel comfortable and able to thrive during the team’s competitions and practices. 

“People should look up to Roman because he is a prime example of pushing through when you’re stressed, tired, or not feeling 100%. Holly mentioned that his effort and commitment to the team inspire the young rowers to stay committed,” Holly said.

Roman continues to grow as a swimmer and student throughout the season and a person with his coaches, classmates, and teammates, pushing him to be his best. 

“Roman helps the team by keeping everyone laughing and constantly smiling and being friends with everyone. He is one crucial part of the bridge between the men’s and women’s varsity teams. He is friends with everyone on the team, so everyone feels comfortable when he’s around.”