Wes Baldwin and Zach Guikema carry the load for the boys bowling team versus Lowell


When his team needed him most against East Grand Rapids, sophomore Wes Baldwin bowled a new personal best for this season.

“We haven’t had the best starts to our matches this season,” Wes admitted. “Monday’s match followed that theme, but I tried to do my part to close the gap.”

Following Wes’ 265-point outburst, senior Zach Guikema picked up the torch and got his team to the finish line—just barely. Zach’s score of 197 defeated Lowell’s Cam Brandstadt and inched FHC closer to victory,

Despite Wes and Zach’s efforts, the boys fell to Lowell 18-12. 

“The boys have had their fair share of ups and downs, so I am not surprised by most things,” head coach Terry Metzner said. “I was, however, surprised with how they [the boys] came out of the gates. 

Like the boys, the girls sputtered in the first individual round after a 112-105 baker-game victory. Except for two wins from sophomore Olivia Smith, the girls failed to put any points up on the board. The majority of Monday’s rounds were eerily similar to the girls’ first three matches—all of which they lost. With this similarity haunting them, the Rangers were outlasted 24-6 by the Red Arrows.

“With the girls, I continue to direct them with positivity and to focus on learning the basics of spare shooting and strike shooting,” coach Metzner. 


Next week, the Rangers are scheduled to meet with Lowell for a conference contest at Hillcrest Lanes on Monday, January 17.