JV volleyball goes 0-4 after struggling to finish games strongly

JV volleyball goes 0-4 after struggling to finish games strongly

Against four teams, the JV volleyball team wasn’t able to find much success. The girls only won one set in all of the games they played. However, this is a great time to learn from their mistakes.

Last Tuesday, the girls faced off against Northview and lost in two sets. They had around 20 points in both sets but had many issues all over the court. They missed way too many serves, which was a huge factor in their loss. They also struggled defensively, letting a lot of balls hit their side of the court.

“This game was not a good reflection of how we can play as a team,” head coach Kendra Zwart said.

On the brighter side of things, the team’s outsides and middles were successful.

Over the weekend, FHC battled out three matches at Hudsonville. In the first game, the Rangers faced Rockford. They lost in two sets—25-18 and 25-19. Rockford was an excellent team, but the Central girls were happy with their ability to receive the serves. Sophomore Maggie Snieder and Tz Cumbo-Nacheli had some great games offensively.

The next team they played was Grandville. The first set was a massive struggle for the girls. They went down 25-8. However, in the second set, the girls bounced back. They went all the way to the wire but lost 27-26. There was a cap of 27 points, but they were pleased with the way they bounced back. The offense and defense improved a lot in the second set helping the Rangers battle it out.

The third and last team they faced was West Ottawa. The Rangers lost in three sets, once again in the previous set. FHC brought the set to the cap of 17 points but lost 17-16. Sophomore Elana Kavanagh had an effective game offensively. Defensively, freshman Kenzi Tilton had a strong performance.

“We lost all three games,” Maggie Snieder said. “But, we had some good scrappy plays.”

The next matchup for the JV team is at Byron Center on Tuesday, October 12. The Rangers are looking forward to seeing if they learned from their mistakes.

“We need to work on finishing the games in the future,” head coach Kendra Zwart said.