The senior class blasts off after Theryn Hallock torches the juniors for two touchdowns in a win for the Class of 2022


It took more than the whole junior lineup to stop them. They ran and ran, and could not be stopped. She couldn’t be stopped. Theryn Hallock would break away, get outside, zip back and forth, and finally score the third touchdown of the game for the Class of 2022.

This happened twice in the game, as the senior class would go on to crush the junior class by a score of 24-8. The seniors scored twice on the ground with Hallock going for rushes of 45 and 74, and throwing one passing touchdown to Sophia Galan for 35 yards. On the defensive end of the game, Sophie Shields led the team with two interceptions and a hit-stick tackle; fellow linebacker Mattie Sexton laid the hammer on the junior run game. The senior class also went 3-3 on 2-point conversion plays as a few successful runs by Katherine Hartman helped the veterans boost their score. On the ground, Mattie Sexton picked up a touchdown while Sarah Dunn was the only junior who found the end zone on a goal-line run.

The coaches for the team were fired up; senior offensive line coach Gerrit Timmer did a phenomenal job up front.

“To see the O-line obliterate the juniors and dominate up front, that’s just special,” Timmer said.

It seems that the seniors this year dominated on all ends of the field, with those on the field playing and those in the crowd bringing vibrant energy all across Ranger Stadium. This win is special to each and every class, especially when the seniors can bring it home in the standalone all-girls football event.

“It was a very unifying game. I feel like the whole time even while playing we all just came together on the field and the sideline, and that was honestly the best part,” Sophie said.

This year’s contest was more competitive and energetic than most. Although it lost by quite a few, the junior class remained motivated throughout the whole contest. One can see the miniature student section get very lively for the Class of 2023’s single scoring play and some of its more successful offensive plays, but Theryn Hallock was quite unstoppable. Many tried to stop her and it was not possible.

“Being able to run is super fun, and, it’s like, you just have to be smart with where you go and do your best of going where you have a good opening or are blocked well,” Hallock spoke. “With learning the plays you just have to mentally prepare to focus because there are a lot of cues and routes that people run so in order to do it right, you have to be focused and aware of what’s going on or what position you are in. Coming from a football family, it was relatively easy for me to learn the plays and apply them to the best of my ability.”

Both classes had their representatives all around; the defensive coaches for the senior class were largely enthusiastic about how well their team played. Bringing out massive energy and coming together to celebrate great stops is something the coaches loved to see.

“It was honestly a great time. It was really fun to be able to coach the people that are always supporting us and firing us up. This was definitely one of my favorite high school experiences,” defensive coach Quentin Rudolph said.

Hopefully, the junior class can live up to the powerful performance of the class of 2022 and bounce back from its performance this year to defeat the current sophomore class a year from now.