Freshman baseball goes 1-1 against Grand Rapids Christian in a fierce doubleheader contest

On Tuesday, the freshman baseball team went 1-1 against the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles. Because of a plethora of struggles in the first game, they lost 3-1. However, they fixed many issues and won 12-11 in the second game. The boys came off three straight losses going into the first game and lost again. Heading into the second game of the doubleheader with four straight losses, they knew they had to flip the switch.

In the first game, the team significantly struggled to hit the ball. They played very well on defense, holding the team to zero runs until the last inning. The boys were up 1-0 with a ton of pressure to close out the last inning; the Eagles had a really nice hit that led to three runs and a win for them. Nevertheless, the momentum changed in the last game. After starting cold and being down 6-0 in the first inning, the boys rallied and morphed into a totally different team. Alex Brown hit the ball well, Roman Brummel fielded the ball at a high level, and Mathew Seurynck pitched a great game. Many players scored and immensely helped the team come back and defeat the Eagles by a score of 12-11.

“We were off the first game offensively but fixed that up in the second game,” Alex said. “I’d say our performance was good, but we could still improve.”

FHC’s next game is home against Byron Center on Thursday, April 29. The Rangers have already played against Byron in a doubleheader before, and they went 1-1. This time, they are looking forwards to winning both games and fixing up their batting issues.